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Genarlow Wilson who was released Friday on after doing 2+ years in prison (for getting brains) speaks on his experience and future plans with Essence:

ESSENCE: What’s next for you?

WILSON: I’m definitely looking forward to going to college. I want to try to get in as soon as possible—I hope by January, but if not, whenever I can get in and wherever I can go I’ll just be grateful for it. I want to major in sociology. I feel like I would fit perfectly in that area just because of my experience and what I’ve been through.

WILSON: Well, for the most part my incarceration made me a stronger person and a more ambitious person. So I definitely plan on succeeding. Especially with having so many people supporting me and coming to my defense; I don’t want to disappoint them. I feel like failure’s not an option. I also have higher expectations for myself, and I feel like I’ve matured.

ESSENCE: You were in jail for such a long time. Most people in your situation would be angry and resentful about having served all that time. How are you feeling about that?

WILSON: For the most part I’m not angry or bitter. I can’t let my frustrations get the best of me. It’s not going to make matters any easier for me. Either way it goes, it’s still going to be hard for me. But now I get to start over. It’s a new beginning, and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve turned all the negative energy into something positive.

ESSENCE: Why were you so intent in fighting your sentence, instead of just taking a plea deal like the other young men did?

WILSON: I couldn’t allow myself to be portrayed and be cast aside as a sex offender. I love and adore my little sister, and I want to have kids of my own someday, and as a sex offender you can’t be around little kids.

ESSENCE: Do you want to use your story to become an activist or teach teenagers about this type of thing?

WILSON: Definitely. I plan on being a mentor and helping people learn from my experience and my mistakes. I’ve learned (you have) to think before you act, and I would advise people to be cautious.

ESSENCE: How do you feel about the judicial system now?

WILSON: At times, because we’ve had so many ups and downs, I was very confused. I didn’t know what would happen. But after they decided to rule in my favor, I believe in it again.

ESSENCE: Anything else you want to say to those who have been following the story?

WILSON: I just want to thank everyone who supported me and kept me in their prayers.

What a well-spoken young man…Weezy if you’re reading this by any chance, take notes.

Go to for the full interview.

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  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    I hope that all works out for this gentleman and that his past does not hurt his future.



  • My 2Cents

    Its so nice to see someone has a good head on their shoulders. When life gives you lemons make lemonade. I wish him well in the future.

  • Tiray


    It’s hard to say what he’ll do with this ‘NEWFOUND FAME?” Maybe write a book. A tell all would garner him millions! And i DO know that his attorney’s are instructing him HELLAGOOD.They are probably saying: look bro, don’t be bitter, act like you ain’t mad at the world…sit back and get paid…cause who wouldn’t by a tellall from a kat that did 2 yr.s in a hellhole for BEING UNDERAGE,WHILE HAVING SEX WITH AN UNDERAGE GIRL?

    Lol! try sayin THAT in one breath.


  • John

    I hope he fulfill his dreams? Best of luck and God speed!!!

  • Setting the Record Straight

    i guess everything happens for a reason. but im pretty sure he is a good kid to begin with, just was not aware of the laws.

    honestly, im sure many of us should have went to prison for the same thing. it really sucks how the government and laws expect us to be born into this world, and have a full understanding of the law.

    both were below the legal age, so what harm could it have done? im sure more of us are more aware now.

  • ripped

    Good luck to him. I’m glad justice was finally served and this young man has been released from prison.

  • Mzgapeach

    Good luck to him in all of his endeavors……..

  • Tiray

    I also think that people who are falsely imprisoned should get compensated automatically!

    How much would one yr.s of your life be?


  • UptownGirl

    I wish him the best of luck.

  • Marquella

    It’s nice to post on a newsworthy item.

    Wilson is a testament to young people. He was dealt a something foul, but now, he is getting the justice that he deserves, and he is going to give back to ‘society’ in Sociology, which is my minor, and a great study that many could benefit from.

    I agree with Drock: The ‘red carpet’ is not as shiny as alot of folks my age (I’m 18-28) want to believe it is with certain images that the media portrays to us that we are so suspectible to believing. I am thankful to God that this young brother, who society seems to always set a target on, is flipping the script and representing himself and his folks proudly.

    I pray to God that I too can represent myself and my family and friends in the same way in my life and choices.

    This news does my heart and mind good.

  • La. Finest

    That’s good that he tryna to do something with his life and actually taking this serious. I know some people where I’m from who get out of jail and go back like 2 months later. May God bless him in all that he do.

  • lacyd

    He’s become an icon, and so far, he’s upholding the title. I’m proud of him, though I’m not too much older than him. But the route that he chose will definately usher him to success. May we all keep him in our prayers hoping that nothing holds him back from achieving his dreams.

  • Marquella


    Wilson was actually in jail for two years.

    There are only a few states (21) who have automatic compensation for false imprisonment.

    The states without compensation has to have the petitioner (ex-inmate) lobby the government of their state to make a bill that specfically orders a sum of compensation to be paid to the wrongly imprisoned person.

    Personally, I think if the federal government made a blanket law that applied in every state, it would curtail some jurisdictions unfairly choosing some over others to receive compensation than others. But, politicans would have to see that a bill that that is nothing like welfare (the discussion of welfare, though is something different); it’s righting a wrong committed by the departments of justice.

    I concur.

  • helltothanaw

    You go boyeee!!! Go get ’em… Sky’s the limit baby… God bless..

  • luvchild

    Well…Good for him.

  • ohplease

    @DROCK – co-sign!!

  • Lady Architect

    I’m happy he’s out of prison for something so silly, but its in the past….I’m glad to see that he’s not bitter and plans to move on and succeed in life. Sorry to say some of the Jena 6 boys need to pay attention to him instead of the red carpet and money..Maybe they need a year or 2 to really understand.

  • Tiray

    Actually,we talk about this young man and aplaude him…GREAT! We should.


    The state flag in that area is indeed 1/3 rebel flag! We really need to expose these “little things” every chance we get. Just like the jena6 case, we should jump at the chance to stomp out racism at every turn.



  • Kanyade

    Those Jena 6 boys need to step up. I wish Genarlow the best. 🙂

  • Downtown

    Stay focus brother in keep a eye out for the devil

  • Will J. Powers

    Its too late for Weezy. Now that Jen 6 crew we still might be able to save. Send them a transcript *ahem* READ the interview to them. THANKS!

  • Baby Please

    I couldn’t read the whole thing but I’m glad he has a brain and wants to turn a negative into a positive (while he could have blamed a white man or been mad at the world). Good for him. I wish him well.

  • Shawn08

    I wish him the best of luck!

  • me

    i hope he stays on his path. he needs to give those dudes in la a little lesson

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