ANOTHER Racist Twitter Rant From FDNY 71-Year-Old Retiree…”Negroes Live In Homes Run By Mammy Hoes Who Pump Out Kids For Welfare Checks”

- By Bossip Staff

It seems like every week there is some out of pocket and racist azz member of FDNY tweeting pure ignorance, but this one here takes the cake.

According to NY Post:

The former city fire dispatcher from Long Island writes a blog at that blazes with hatred of “Negroes,” “Mooslims” and “fags.” Edmund Schneider, 71, who left New York 23 years ago, collects a monthly city pension of $1,468.94. His blog is splashed with images of the American flag, FDNY and NYPD patches and 9/11.

Among his racist rants:

* “If you ACT like a n—–, you’re gonna be CALLED a n—–!” he warned in a February post accompanied by a photo of a black woman with watermelon rinds on her chest.

* “Negroes commit by FAR the bulk of the violent crime in the United States,” he wrote in March. “But why? Simple, really, it’ something called a ‘FAMILY,’ — which is foreign to the average Negro, who lives in a household run by a ‘mammy ho’ who pumps out kids like a bunny for welfare checks.”

* “Politically correct imbeciles decided to grant the ‘mostly female Negro’ 911 dispatchers virtually lateral access to the ‘mostly white male’ FDNY dispatch force. And they destroyed it!” he wrote.

* Of First Lady Michelle Obama, he snipes, “The Mooch sure as hell has a big, fat a*s! And it’s black, too.” He also calls President Obama a “black bastard” and “the anti-Christ.”

* Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton (a “lessie”) “flipped on f@gs” to support “fruitcake marriage.”

* “Don’t Trust a Single Damned Muslim!” he titled another diatribe.

Reached yesterday at his home in Venice, Fla., Schneider defended his views. “Offensive is in the eye of the beholder. It’s not hate speech. It’s all opinion, and it’s all based on fact,” he said. “I’m not a racist. Some of my best friends in the Fire Department were black, and some of them were over at my house.”

An FDNY official contacted him on Friday after The Post asked about him. “The vile and despicable ramblings on this Web site are clearly the work of a sick individual with way too much time on his hands,” an FDNY spokesman said. “We have referred the matter to the Law Department.”

This 71-year-old man must be a miserable son of a b**ch to have so much hate. AND OF COURSE he pulled the “I have black friends card.” It never ceases to amaze us

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