Fawk A Thug: Prison Guard Who Gave Birth To Baby By Cop Killer Now Planning To Raise Child With Her New Boo Who Is Also Behind Bars

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Sorta good news for the baby of the jailed copkiller and his thug lovin’ prison guard mama Her new boo plans on being a good daddy!

Via NYPost reports:

First, Correction Officer Nancy Gonzalez became pregnant during illicit jailhouse trysts with convicted cop-killer Ronell Wilson — and now another federal inmate is offering to help raise the child once he’s sprung, The Post has learned.

Drug dealer Robert Capofarri Jr. — who became romantically involved with Gonzalez after her relationship with Wilson — insists his offer to help care for baby Justus is sincere.

Gonzalez gave birth to the boy, her son by Wilson, last month.

“I think people need to cut [Gonzalez] a break. They’re trying to make her out to be a horrible person, and she’s not. She’s a very good person,” Capofarri told The Post in a jailhouse interview.

Capofarri, 33, is in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center serving time for shooting a man and for violating his federal probation on drug-trafficking convictions.

The Staten Island native’s earliest projected release date is April 20, 2014, records show.

At some point after he and Gonzalez began their relationship, the feds got wise and Capofarri was moved temporarily to a state prison facility upstate.

While there, Capofarri continued his romantic relationship with Gonzalez over the telephone — unaware the feds were secretly monitoring the pair’s conversations.

In one of their calls, Gonzalez told Capofarri she had no intention of resuming her earlier romance with Wilson.

“I just basically got wrapped up in something I should not have,” Gonzalez told Capofarri in one of their many phone calls, according to court documents.

Citing the phone conversations, Brooklyn federal prosecutors wrote in papers, “Gonzalez further confided in [Capofarri] that she is never going to have a relationship with [Wilson].”

Two months ago, prosecutors hit Gonzalez with criminal charges for having sex with Wilson while she was supposed to be guarding him.

Her lawyer has said Gonzalez will likely plead guilty instead of going to trial.

She has not been charged — at least yet — with having a behind-bars romance with Capofarri. Federal officials declined to comment on the issue.

Capofarri said he envisions a future in which he could end up playing a supportive role in the life of a child whose biological dad won’t be around.

Wilson, 30, is facing execution for the 2006 murders of undercover NYPD Detectives James Nemorin and Rodney Andrews on Staten Island.

This story is just too crazy for words! This lady clearly needs to get out more cuz she only seems to find men in jail! That poor baby. For her sake we hope this Capofarri guy gets his life together so the kid won’t grow up to be like his loser daddy.


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