Race Matters: Black Fox Sports News Executive Who Was Kicked To The Curb Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against The Network

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Fired Fox Sports Executive Files Discrimination Lawsuit

A disgruntled African-American executive at Fox Sports who alleges that he was constantly looked over for promotions before eventually being fired after 15 years of employment is claiming in a recent lawsuit that his unfavorable experiences at the network were due to the fact that he was black.

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The plaintiff Jerry Davis alleges in a lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court that the Fox Sports Corporate Group currently employs 34 executives above the VP level – and not one of them is black:

“Indeed, to the best of Mr. Davis’s knowledge, no Black person has ever held any position at or above vice president in that division’s entire 19-year existence. Representation of Black individuals in leadership positions in other sports divisions at FOX is, and always has been, similarly abysmal.

[Davis claims that] Despite his repeated and express interest in the [Fox Sports VP of Music] position, his superior education, skills, and performance as well as strong support from senior-level colleagues of various Fox music departments and other FOX Sports departments, Mr. Davis was denied the promotion each and every time.

Fox Sports denied Mr. Davis the promotion each time because, as a Black man, he did not fit neatly into the company’s corporate culture.”

Davis maintains he did not receive a single promotion during his entire career at Fox Sports because of his race.

The Fox network is no stranger to being known for openly throwing shade to minorities. Do you think Mr. Davis’ case will stand a chance in court?

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