Race Matters: Brad Paisley Explains His Motivation Behind Writing Controversial “Accidental Racist” Song Featuring LL Cool J

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This isn’t going to end well for Bradley OR James Todd Smith.

Brad Paisley Explains Inspiration For “Accidental Racist”

One of many topics that had the internet chirping yesterday was Brad Paisely And LL Cool J’s new controversial song “Accidental Racist” in which Brad attempts to explain his “southern pride” and break down race relations in America.

As if the lyrics to the song weren’t problematic enough, LL Cool J’s guest verse took the ridiculousness to a whole ‘nother level when he took time out thank Abraham f**king Lincoln for “freeing” him.

In an upcoming print interview in Entertainment Weekly, Paisley talks about his inspiration for writing the inflammatory tune and insists it is not a publicity stunt.

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“At this point, after all these albums and all these hits, I have no interest in phoning it in, and I think that [the song] comes from an honest place in both cases, and that’s why it’s on there and why I’m so proud of it. This isn’t a stunt. This isn’t something that I just came up with just to be sort of shocking or anything like that. I knew it would be, but I’m sort of doing it in spite of that, really.

“I’m doing it because it just feels more relevant than it even did a few years ago. I think that we’re going through an adolescence in America when it comes to race. You know, it’s like we’re almost grown up. You have these little moments as a country where it’s like, ‘Wow things are getting better.’ And then you have one where it’s like, ‘Wow, no they’re not.’

“It really came to a boil last year with Lincoln and Django, and there’s just a lot of talk about it. It was really obvious to me that we still have issues as a nation with this. There are two little channels in each chorus that really steal the pie. One of them is, ‘We’re still picking up the pieces, walking on eggshells, fighting over yesterday,’ and the other is, ‘Paying for the mistakes that a lot of folks made long before we came.’ We’re all left holding the bag here, left with the burden of these generations. And I think the younger generations are really kind of looking for ways out of this.

We’re all for conversation, but we’re not sure that this was the proper vehicle to start a dialogue.

Hit the flip side to read the rest of Brad’s statement.

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