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Celebrities Who Just Don’t Care

Drake coined the phrase YOLO, but not so many people actually embody the phrase which means do whatever the hell you want. But so many celebrities go around paying attention to what their management and other people think that they can’t do what they want.

Well these celebrities don’t have that problem. These famous people live by YOLO and don’t give an F-word at all. Do we respect them for it or should they chill? You decide.

Nicki Minaj – She goes on Idol and curses everyone out then puts her goods all in the open whenever she wants. Don’t ever change, Nicki.

Rihanna – She smokes the sticky, gets all those tats and puts her mosquito bites on blast whenever she wants. Oh yeah, she totally got back with Chris Brown with the quickness so…..there’s also  that.

Will Smith – Big Willy isn’t even trying to hide his “friendship” with Duane. Dude is basically open with it. YOLO.

Gucci Mane – He got a tat on his face and went on to diss everyone in his damn way. Plus he cracked a bottle over the head of a marine.

Ron Artest – He changed his name to Metta World Peace…that’s YOLO enough.

Keyshia Cole – Maybe she should care…it’d help her get some Twitter chill.

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Birdman – Look at those tats on his face. He clearly can’t care.

LL Cool J – He just asked for white people to forgive his du rag so he can forgive slavery.

Herman Cain – He grabbed his secretary’s head, pulled to his jeans and said “you want a raise don’t you”…c’mon man.

DMX – Never has…never will…to his own detriment.



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