Rumor Control: Rihanna And Chris Brown Are Still An Item, He Attended Her L.A. Show Following Fight That Spurred Break Up Reports

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Still together or was he just there supporting his “friend”? Well we knew they couldn’t stay apart for long, but word on the curb is that Breezy and Rihanna actually did not split — they’ve just been feuding for the last few weeks after Breezy “flaked” (surprise surprise). But despite their differences, nothing could keep Chris Brown from Rihanna’s show at the Staples Center Monday night. Fans snapped a few shots of the R&B singer as he watched RihRih rock the stage.

And according to #TeamBreezy and RihRih’s #Navy, RihRih even got choked up as she sang “Stay” while gazing at her boo in the audience.

Now isn’t that romantical?

Hit the flip for more photos from the show and to hear the gossip on what supposedly had them at odds in the first place.

According to HollywoodLive reports:

Rihanna is upset that Chris Brown “flaked” on her last week in Vancouver. When Rihanna spoke to him by phone to tell Chris how her feelings were hurt, they began arguing and Breezy hung up the phone!

“Chris was supposed to be with Rihanna and spend a night, but at the last minute, he flaked and told her some bulls*** a** excuse and she was over it,” a well informed source tells exclusively, referring to Chris visiting Rihanna on tour while she was in Vancouver on Apr. 1. At the time, Chris was just across the border in New York.

“She feels like he’s not serious enough at times and it frustrates the f*** out of her. She blew up at him over the phone. They went back and forth and I guess he didn’t want to hear what she had to say, so he hung up.”

While Rihanna tries to suggest ways to make their relationship better, we’re told Chris takes it as if Rihanna’s telling him what to do.

“She tries to talk to him on a serious level, but he doesn’t hear her,” the source says. “Chris thinks Rihanna tries to tell him what to do, but she isn’t. It’s just love on her part and sometimes he doesn’t see it that way.”

Rihanna, 25, and Chris, 23, haven’t seen each other in weeks, since their explosive argument, which fueled rumors that the two have officially called it quits., however, has exclusively learned that while their relationship is not on the best of terms right now, Rihanna and Chris are still a couple!

“She just wants him to be more mature,” the source says. “They’re together. They’ll be alright. They’re cool.”

Do you believe it?


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