The Curb Pt. 2: Famous Women Who Got Dumped While Pregnant

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Celebrities Who Got Dumped While Pregnant

Women have it rough. We’ve done some coverage of celebrities who got dumped at the altar before, but this may take the cake. These women got left or ended relationships while they were still toting guts full. It’s a pretty horrible move, but hey, it happens we guess.

So let’s take a look at relationships that ended while the women were pregnant.

Tiki Barber – He left his wife while she was pregnant so she could he could wife up that sorry Becky of his.

Shar Jackson – K Fed left her for Britney Spears while she was toting a gut full of pop lockin’ white guy.

Christina Millian – She was pregnant when she got dropped by The-Dream during his cheating escapade with his chunky assistant.

Kelis – She and Nas split while she was pregnant and she didn’t even let him know when she went to labor.

Bridget Moynahan – Tom Brady got her and Gisele pregnant at the same time and he chose Gisele.

Denise Richards – Citing Sheen’s wild drinking and drugs she fled while preggers.

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    Mary-Louise Parker – Her boyfriend left her for Claire Danes while she was pregnant with their kid. Ouch.

    Heidi Klum – On the day she announced her pregnancy to Flavio Briatoni, he was spotted kissing another woman. Cold world.

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