Athletes & Hoes: Slorey Jersey Chaser Puts Philadelphia 76ers Baller Nick Young On Blast For Paying Her $300 To Smash & Dash!

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These hoes be acting up and you ballers be letting them!

Groupie Talks About NBA Player Nick Young

NBA baller Nick Young recently got put on blast by an angry bird groupie who was none too happy the penny-pinching baller didn’t want to pay to play with the right kind of funds…

Via Baller Alert reports:

With our 30 min extravaganza I got my keys and prepared to walk out he passed me 300 bucks and claimed it was gas money! I couldn’t help but laugh! 300 dollars was Mc Donald change! Me just turning 23 I’m doing extremely well for myself without the credit card scams and strip club like the rest of these b****** in Atlanta! He treated me as if i courted him like some nightclub hooker! After a year of talking and this? Hell I would’ve charged a tad bit more and got my money in the beginning of i would’ve known He was going to treat my like a prostitute Never would i agree to 300 dollars! At this moment I wanted to kick his tall ass but I held back and we shared a church hug! No reservations to see each other later! just a simple goodbye!

The 300 was a joke to me! Especially since his baby mama looks like a burnt gremlin and his girl look like a tranny on steroids with a f***** up weave! I’d assume he would at least turned out a tad bit logical about this! ! like my theory! you pay me to keep my mouth closed! not make my way 3 miles up the road! F*** u nick!


Check out the entire text convo and proof that you can’t give these hoes an inch without them wanting a damn mile…

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