Race Matters: Black People Are Eight Times More Likely To Be Arrested For Possessing Small Amounts Of Drugs Than Whites

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Black people getting locked up more than whites? Big shocker…

Black People More Likely To Imprisoned For Drugs Than Whites

Via Washington City Paper reports:

Even with a high arrest rate, some people in D.C. can probably safely get high without worrying that the cops are coming. Those people are white people. In 2007, 91 percent of those arrested for kush were black. In a city whose population demographics are steadily evening out, that’s odd. In fact, adjusting for population, African Americans are eight times as likely to be arrested for weed as white smokers are.

The federal study—the National Survey on Drug Use & Health, produced by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration—found pot use by black residents here is only slightly higher than white residents.

So why do black residents make up the vast majority of people arrested on drug charges? “It’s all about where the cops go fishing,” Gettman says.

• On Saturday morning, MPD officers executed a search warrant on the 20th Street NE digs of Michael Evans, 26. In the pocket of his blue jeans they found “a small plastic container containing green plant material,” according to charging documents. Evans admitted to cops that the weed was his, and was arrested.

• That afternoon, on 16th Street NE, Jeremy Platter, 22, was busted, court papers say. An officer from the First District vice squad had established an “observation post” where he saw a man smoking a blunt. “The unknown male subject then handed a blunt to D-2 (Jeremy Plater),” who started to smoke the blunt. When police closed in, “Plater was observed dropping the blunt from behind his back onto the ground and stepping on the blunt.”

• On Saturday evening, after allegedly failing to use his turn signal at about 11 o’clock in the 2300 block of 11th Street NW, Edward Whitaker, 22, of Woodbridge, Va., was arrested for kush possession. During the traffic stop, cops found “a small red zip of green leafy-like substance and brass knuckles” in his car door.

Of the six people who were arrested over the weekend for drug charges alone, all were African American. The unlucky six could face up to a year in jail and up to $1,000 in fines for possession, or a year in prison and $10,000 in fines for intent to distribute.


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