When Will She Ever Shut Up?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Damn this broad is still talking. The super-ho turned “author” speaks about Bill Maher in the upcoming issue of Vibe magazine:

“Bill wants someone he can put down in an argument, tell you how ghetto you are, how big your butt is, and that you’re an idiot. That’s why you never see him with a white girl or an intellectual. I might as well have been a Muslim woman with my head wrapped, walking 10 paces behind my man. [But] I couldn’t be ‘Bill Maher’s girlfriend’ any more – not when I’m Karrine Steffans . . . best-selling author.”


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  • Giorgia

    they look like brother and sister

  • Knowledge


  • Giorgia

    Karrine, Bill was telling the truth, and that serves your right for perferring “white bread”

  • Sherry

    lol… she isnt the best selling author anymore.. haha..

  • JaliliMaster

    Isn’t this the same woman who not too long ago said that Bill Maher was the love of her life, treated her real well, etc, blah, blah, blah. She is as much a liar as she is a ho!

  • http://www.mactanque.com Mactanque


  • http://www.theblackactor.com Baby Please



  • Kay Phillips

    This girl is delusional and so obviously insecure. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost.

  • TT

    Is she serious?? So she is a different person now…Wasnt she on Jamie Foxx talkin like the hoe that she is & probably always will be. The way she act when she was with Bill I understand why he treated her the way he did. I believe she told Bill she want to sleep w/another man that was at the same event they were at….HOE GO SIT DOWN!!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/msmeka2cute Mz_Magnificent1

    Whateva…Karrine thought she was going to ride Bill’s coat-tail to the top of the social ladder. Too bad so sad…NOT!

  • idkmybffJillBoinChickaBoinBoin

    I’ll have to check out that issue of Vibe because according to The Vixen Diaries, Bill is still the love her life. She’s going after him for publicity. Book sales must have been lower than projected. I didn’t even buy her lastest book, I picked up at the library. I’m on the fence where she’s concerned. I admire her for kicking her addiction and revealing secrets about some of the heavyweights in the game of hip hop, but I have a problem with her delivery. All in the name of the truth she claims. I don’t know about that one. I think it’s all in the name of the all mighty dollar.

  • jazi

    She’s just another skank making money airing her dirty laundry. Money will never buy her the respect she thinks she deserves.

  • Crystal

    LOL @ Mz_Magnificent1

    We all know Bill wasn’t trying to take her to any real social events like she was the future Mrs. Maher. From what she said on Jamie’s show, she and Bill used to bring other people back home with them, so I’m sure he was just passing her around in his White circles since she had already been passed around in Black circles.

    She was a live-in ho that Bill and company were having fun with, so the only thing she was riding to the top on was mo’ d*cks.

  • Miss Thang...

    I don’t know about this story. I think this girl is midly retarded and most definitely mentally unstable.

    She was giving his man serious praises in previous interviews. So, I don’t know about this. Maybe she is telling the truth but it speaks volumes as to why she would put up with such racist treatment.




  • Anonymous

    lol, you black chicks can go ahead & knock urself out with these white guys. im sure millions of white dudes are just salivating at the thought of knocking yall up again…except with free children this time.

  • Bahama Mama

    LMAO @ Drock!!

    Is she capable of being quiet? Her ass could be in a library and she’d scream out how she screwed the damn janitor in the fiction section…STOP giving her ATTENTION!

  • My Business

    SMDH cause thats all I can do but I can say this I like the heffa dress hmmmmmm. SMH

  • Crystal

    @ Anonymous:

    Don’t get it twisted. Black women don’t break up Black families by running to Whites or any other non-Blacks the way Black men do. If you’re going to start dissing Black women over dating white men, don’t use Karrine Steffans as an example because we all know she would f*ck an albino ape if it could pay her bills.

  • http://www.gravatar.com Mzgapeach

    Im sorry but she is lacking in all kinds of credibility …….sorry

  • http://NA MK

    Its sad and disrespectful for her to even compare herself and her relationship with Bill Maher as to being a “muslim woman”. She is dirty and shouldn’t be breathing. Muslim woman are intelligent, hard-working and even though the media doesn’t portray it, They hold the family together, just like most respectable mothers hold a family together. I feel sick to my stomach this worthless human being would even compare herself to a muslim woman.


    @Crystal, BOO-YAH!! you are on the m-o-n-e-y!!please don’t use this ho!! I mean damn think of all the dicks she sucked before she stated suckin off the industry!! eewh, Bill Maher!A wrinkled white man!! Balls all sribbled up and stinkin!

  • http://targetsquad.com Mr. Targetsquad




  • American Wanksta

    well f**k yall B**ch’s then!!!

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