New Baby For Mekhi Phifer

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Posted by Bossip Staff

We’re sure there’s going to be a lot more of these posts in the near future with all the impregnated celebs wobbling around Hollyweird.  Via People:

Mekhi Phifer and his fiancée Oni Souratha have welcomed their first child together. Mekhi Thira Phifer was born in Los Angeles on Tuesday at 6:47 a.m., and weighed 5 lbs., 4 oz.

“We are really happy and excited. He is beautiful.”

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  • Giorgia

    i know that baby is going to be beauitful, he came from very attractive parents

  • Crystal

    Just in time for the holidays to bring the baby around the family.

    His wife is very cute and he’s not hard on the eyes either, so I’m sure the baby will be a cutie.

  • Nish

    Congratulations, I hope he treats her a lot better than he treated his ex, but then again, when they are doing the swirl, they ususally do.

  • MissOMyGoodnezz

    I agree Giorgia, that baby is very fortunate. His mom is beautiful and his dad is just plain FINE lol

  • Yeah what ever.

    Black men are useless the sell out ones. They get treated very badly they just hide it. Its never been real true love no body that dates out they race really in love its all nasty sex and thats very low of you black men. You men cant do nothin. Ever thing is out now that your gay and a sorry lover.

  • White-Goddess

    It strikes me that this young lady is not as dark as Mekhi is. I think black men who are famous tend to want women who are basically lighter than they are to make a wife with. But, she is not even married to him and she is having his baby. He will dump her on her ass.

  • Life19

    It’s funny how he is so gung ho with her but when he was with melinda williams I read an interview where she said he wasn’t even there when she had there baby. He cheated on her and treated her so bad. I think the magazine was siser 2 sister

  • White-Goddess

    Why didn’t he marry her first before he made her pregnant? Do all black women have low standards of that nature? Why are most black women not married, but mothers? Black women should learn how to keep their damn legs close, and maybe crime rates would drop.




  • Yeah what ever.

    Why the hell are you on here? Get off white trash you have no right. And i know yo ugly white self not talkin you white things never keep yo legs closed! And there alot of black women marryed. And i have a college degree with no kids. So on that note get yo dumb ass off!

  • Monte

    I dont know which broad is dumber-White Uglyness or yeah what ever. Please go get a English Book or learn to type. And as for the Valtrex Goddess, nothing else needed to say.

  • Yeah what ever.

    Monte on my cell phone thats why and i aint got time to spell all good. So who cares. When i get back on my pc i will spell right.

  • Crystal

    You know what? I dind’t even know about Mekhi’s last relationship, but if he did in fact treat his last wife as bad as people are saying, I’m taking back my well wishes for him.

    I try not to be someone who disses Black men because they date outside their race, but it really irritates me how our so-called brothas go out of their way — with their bright, white teeth shinning and all — to kiss the asses and do better by non-Black women. It’s so sad and embarrassing to see how these brothas play themselves like this. Yet they’re the main ones always complaining about the injustices they face by the white man.

    I have to give it to the white man, in this case. They’ve really done a job on the minds of Black men.

  • Andrea

    You all are a bunch of haters, they are a beautiful couple and a baby is a blessing, quit hating!

  • Yeah what ever.

    I really feel what you saying. It just really piss me off when i think about it. On top of that the other women they get be so ugly and the white women be so tacky lookin like they do not bath thats just nasty. Not tryin praise my self but i all ways look better my face body my real hair so long and it moves. Good fine hair and i so happy i never wear weave in my life a happy young black woman. And when they roll with trash is where they need to stay with because i do not want that back not when im pure. Now to the real black men that love black women only i have love for them back and its still some and they are the best true love once you find that.

  • kelis

    If you really look at his wife.. she looks mixed. Why does everyone have to turn every post with ppl of different races into something that its not? Damn just say congratulations and move on. And be smart enough to ignore churls like “white goddess” who obviously are purposely instigating. If she is so white and such a goddess, she wouldn’t be on this BLACK GOSSIP website..

  • The Real Essence 1

    @ Crystal

    “Yet they’re the main ones always complaining about the injustices they face by the white man”

    Once again I agree with you! It perplexes me & my fiance how hard we get hated on by brothas when we roll up in a predominantly black social scene.

    Yet these same “brothas” will holla at my non-black female co-workers & friends when we get together for our monthly girls night out!!!

  • The Real Essence 1

    Also- Mekhi’s wife looks like she wearing a wig

  • dani

    OMG! can we have one discussion without the negativity on interraacial relationships?..If Mekhi is an asshole she would find out sooner or later..anyways congratulations to this couple;-)

  • Anon

    White Goddess has a point. This is coming from a married, black woman. I’m too good to be a “baby mama” and so are all black women. Only if they knew…

  • mzc2u

    Mekhi’s fiance is a cute lady, the baby will probably be a cutie, this didn’t have to turn into a racial thing because she isn’t Black, BTW she looks mixed. And at White Tranny Goddess stay off this site and who are you to judge black women, women do not make children by themselves!! And married or not you cannot blame the crime rate just because a black woman is a single parent! Get educated and get off our site!!!

  • Mzgapeach


  • JaliliMaster

    This chick is not pretty. She’s not ugly, but is definitely not preety. And did someone superglue her eyes closed?

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