Rocka Bye Baby: Cassie Admits To Not Being In Rihanna’s Lane “Yet” And Says Diddy Helped Her Find Her Place In The World

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Diddy taught her

Cassie Talks Working With Diddy And Competing With Rihanna

Yesterday, Bad Boy roster chick Cassie put out her latest mixtape titled “Rocka Bye Baby.”

Between the fashion spreads, collabos with other artists and constant coverage of her not-so-private rumored rollercoaster relationship with Bad Boy bossman Diddy, there’s been plenty of Cassie buzz on the streets lately.

XXL magazine recently caught up with Diddy’s official girl and got the inside scoop on the meaning behind her mixtape title, how she feels she measures up to her industry competition, and what it’s like working wit her boo-thang on a professional level.

via XXL Magazine

What’s the working relationship like with Puff right now?
Yeah, we’re working together. He’s helped me a lot with this project in trying to find where I fit in the world. I don’t know a better way to put that. [Laughs.] But, definitely. We work together.

It’s interesting that you’ve said “fit this world.” With artists like Rihanna and Katy Perry, how have you managed to stay in the running?
I don’t consider myself in the running. I consider myself such an underdog. Rihanna is seven albums in. She is non-stop working. I have been too, but on a totally different plane and level. Just not out, all over the world like that. I really started focusing on something.

I would go away from it and come back. I’m just really a perfectionist with everything. So I don’t consider myself in the running with them. Hopefully soon! I’m working towards that. I think they’re all really awesome.

Why did you name your mixtape RockaByeBaby?
The initial concept started with RockaByeBaby from New Jack City. Keisha from New Jack City who was like the girl they called in to do the dirty work. She would just go and straight up, for a lack of a better explanation, go and blow people’s heads off in the middle of the street. She had to go handle the business that the boys couldn’t handle because the guys had to keep their hands clean. It’s not really literal at all; just concept-wise it’s a stronger side of my personality. Just music I wanted to make for so long.

As an artist you get put in a box where you have to make music to please other people and not just necessarily yourself and get your “creative” on. It’s loosely based on New Jack City, but not completely. It was just an inspiration.

Cassie managed to snag a few hip hop heavy hitters for her Rockabye Baby mixtape including Fabolous, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Meek Mill.

If you haven’t heard it yet, you can check it out HERE, and peep a few pics from her latest modeling gig as the new face of Forever 21 below.

Photo Credit: Grazia Daily

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