It’s Far From Over: Drake Puts Rihanna And Breezy On Blast – “The Woman He Loves Fell In My Lap”

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Drake Talks Rihanna, Chris Brown And Lil Wayne

After what seemed like an eternity of silence on his end, YMCMB hot boy Drake finally sat down to give his side of the story on all things Drizzy.

Rap Radar guru Elliot Wilson recently caught up with Drake on his East Villiage “Keep It Thoro”  radio show and Drizzy gave one of his most detailed interviews to date, touching on everything including his new album, beef with Chris Brown, relationship status, Rihanna and more.

Check out a few excerpts from the interview below.

On the real concept behind “Started From The Bottom:”

“We just took the risk of capturing that moment [being nominated for a Grammy.] I looked at the nominees and I said to myself, you know ‘If I’m able to take this Grammy then, what better moment than to go with this song.’

It’s obviously an important piece and I just thought if I could somehow conincide with winning a Grammy and a very triumphant moment……and it unfolded better than I ever imagined.

I mean, “the bottom” is not “the hood,” by the way. That’s just not how the world works. A lot of people have to work for a lot of things in life [and] that’s just what the song is about. It’s about being focused on a goal, which at times can feel like the bottom because you haven’t achieved it yet, and you know, somehow attaining that goal. That’s really what the song is about. Where I’m from has nothing to do with it, really. It’s not about poverty….it CAN be, if you want it to be and if that’s your story. Everybody has a unique story.”

On his new album “Nothing Was The Same” and being competitive:

“I’m obsessed, I’m not competitive. This is not just like a hobby. What it’s about for me, is like yeah those first 48 hours are cool but, like the week after that, do people still wanna listen to it? Or was it just for that moment? I wanna make music that you revisit. I don’t like when songs just die out.

My album is about setting up the music in a way that you want to listen to the album all the way through over and over again. I think when you hear the album, it’s definitely one of the most musical pieces that me and [producer Noah Shebib] 40 have done.

I think that everybody has 2 options: they either rap about how it used to be or how they want it to be, that’s what makes like an incredible album. I’m actually trying to pin point like, right now, like the present, like where I’m at. Not about how I want it to be and not all about dwelling on the past. When I get in the booth, the microphone is on, the world is listening.”

Needless to say, not much off limits with this interview. Hit the flip to listen to the entire interview and hear what Drake had to say about beefing with Breezy, smashing Rihanna, Lil Wayne being hospitalized and more.

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