Angry Birds: Phaedra Slams Kenya Moore For Threatening Her Life While Pregnant And Claims Her Stallion Booty Body Is Plastic Surgery Fake!

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Phaedra puts Kenya on total blast!

Phaedra Parks Talks About Kenya Moore

Via Bravo Blogs:

Following the first part of the reunion, I received numerous emails and calls concerning the physical threat Kenya made towards me. I really appreciate everyone’s concerns. However, as we have all seen this season, being inappropriate is the norm for Kenya, but I was even taken aback that she would actually threaten to physically strike an eight month pregnant woman. While violence is never acceptable under any circumstance, to even think about hitting a pregnant woman is horrifically despicable and evidences anything but sanity. Even though she attempted to portray my supporters in a less than favorable light, please know that I am grateful for your support and I think that you are the best!

Kenya has commented that I am “fat” and should not be doing a workout video, which is laughable. However, in a society where young girls and women struggle with body image issues that lead to deadly illnesses such as bulimia and anorexia, it is very irresponsible for a person whose entire body shape is due to plastic surgery to criticize any woman who is natural. Furthermore, it is fraud for her to suggest that she achieved her physique through exercise rather than plastic surgery intervention. If she were being honest, she would just give a referral to her plastic surgeons, rather than make a workout DVD. Many of you didn’t know I was pregnant when we shot our DVD. Nonetheless, my husband and I made our DVD for people much like ourselves who work regular jobs, are parents, and want to work out rather than opt to have plastic surgery.

Oh! Phaedra ain’t done yet! Hit the flip to see what the angry bird had to say about “urban bloggers” and video from the reunion special!

During the reunion I mentioned erroneous postings by urban bloggers. A few people have asked whom I was referring to. In an effort to clarify my comment, urban has nothing to do with ethnicity. I was specifically talking about those bloggers who lack journalistic integrity and any substantive ability to produce prudent and credible information. These bloggers are more concerned with getting attention than getting the truth. Bloggers that blog about urban gossip may not, in my opinion, be classified as an “urban blogger,” if they are portraying correct and well researched information. True bloggers, regardless of the genre of content, strive to convey relevant, yet well investigated and vetted information. Similarly, when I mentioned Kenya’s booty was made in Mexico, it was not an insult to Hispanics or the Hispanic culture. Rather, it is actually the location where Kenya’s poorly constructed fix-a-flat booty augmentation was done.

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