F**k An Angry Bird: Keyshia Cole Slammed By Fans For Showing Up 2 Hours Late For Concert “She’s Just A Rat With Money”

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She’s a BI-RACIAL rat! Get it right.

Fans Put Keyshia Cole On Blast For Late Show

Via UrbanBelle:

Keyshia Cole was set to perform at Soundboard at MotorCity Casino in Detroit, Michigan and was scheduled to do a meet and greet at one the new urban fashion retailer Villa with HOT 107.5 radio station.

The meet and greet was supposed to start at 2pm but Keyshia showed up 2 and a half hours late. For the fans who arrived early at 12:00 noon, they stood in line in the cold weather for over four hours for the chance to meet Keyshia.

One of the angry fans dialed in to the radio station and ripped Keyshia for showing up so late:

“I mean I can’t believe Keyshia Cole had me waiting out here for three hours. She showed up 2 and a half hours late just to see her and I couldn’t even get a picture. What the f*ck is that?”

During her performance, Keyshia told them that if they couldn’t show her more love than what they were showing her, they could hit the exit door:

“At this point in my career if you not rockin’ with me you can get out.”

Another one of Keyshia’s fans clapped back at her message:

Hit the flip to see more tweets from the angry fans…. Key can’t catch a dayum break!

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    Womp! Womp! Take a bow girl.


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