Who Looked More Bangin?? Kerry vs. Tracey?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Kerry Washington and Tracey Edmonds joined the festivities at the Huffington Post pre-inaugural ball. So naturally, we have to ask – between these two sophisticated beauties: Who looked more bangin???

Get a close up of these two ladies as well as Hill Harper and a zombie-like Tracee Ellis Ross at the The Obama That One: A Pre-Inaugural Gala on the flipside.

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  • kahmmillion

    Tracey does….Kerry looks BUSTED!





  • alabamakim

    Everyone else looks tired

  • jazi

    Tracey looks fabulous! Kerry looks a hot mess!


    I don’t think either one of them are hot. They both look used up.


    Tracey!!! all the way… 🙂

  • hope4more

    Kerry, Patti LaBelle wants her 1980’s costume back

  • Angee

    Sorry Kerry, but that dress was a wrong choice. You my girl, but dress gets a big fat NO!!

  • Angee



  • Good 'n Thick

    They are totally different looks.. Both of them look lovely.

    Go ladies…

  • Jamillah

    Tracey looks fabulous. Kerry looks like she’s about to audition for a role in Star Wars part 8.

  • Lady Architect

    Kerry who dressed you in that horrible dress? Pumps are nice. Tracey looks nice.


    hmmm, i like that dress kerry, looks like something from the 80’s and im 80’s all the way..tracey looks nice too

  • Tracey

    Kerry looks like a chipmunk and always has, she has small shoulders, short, goofy teeth which can be yellow at times!

    TRACEY (not me) looks absolutely STUNNING…FABULOUS!

  • Roe ski Love

    They both look like they are having an off day. Neither could decide what to wear, so they borrowed their friends outfits. Can’t you tell?

  • Raquel26

    I dont know. They both look aight. Nothing too spectacular. Both red carpet dresses/gowns, make-up, and jewelry.

    They’re both pretty.

  • Vinandi


  • African Princess

    Tracey. Kerry should have given that dress to Katy Perry.

  • African Princess

    @Vinandi – Thanks for your comment on the other thread. That’s my son at 10 weeks old.

  • Holly

    LMAO@ African Princess… Nuff said

  • elle

    tracey looks cute…however Kerry is looking like a sexy female robocop, that really isn’t her style

  • no such thing as black blood

    tracey’s face looks BANGED UP. Kerry wins this one.

  • c from stl

    Even though Tracey annoys the sh1t out of me, I have to agree that she wins this one. Kerry’s dress is all wrong. But, in the end they are both beautiful women.


    Tracey got Kerry on this one. Kerry looked like she got that dress from the goodwill. Thats some cheap Express sh*t. Traci Ellis Ross looked crazy as always but mamma gotta phat back tho.

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