For Discussion: Lawmaker Says Banning Abortion Will “Make Women Realize They Don’t Want One After All”…Do You Agree?

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Lawmaker Says Banning Abortion Will Make Women Not Want To Have Them

A pro-life North Dakota lawmaker is generating controversy with a recent statement in reaffirmation of her support for the new state abortion ban.

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Rep. Bette Grande, one of the primary backers of North Dakota’s new unconstitutional abortion ban, is no stranger to anti-choice efforts to coerce women out of their decision to terminate a pregnancy.

Four years ago, she spearheaded the state’s forced ultrasound law. Since then, she says young women have told her they decided not to go through with having an abortion after seeing an ultrasound image of the fetus.

Despite the fact that those women are solidly in the minority, Grande is now extending that logic to apply to her state’s harsh new abortion restrictions.

Earlier this year, North Dakota enacted the strictest abortion restriction in the nation: a so-called “heartbeat” ban to outlaw all abortion services after a fetal heartbeat can first be detected, which typically occurs around six weeks of pregnancy.

The state is already preparing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend the law in court.

But Grande is confident that, regardless of the outcome of that legal fight, the fetal heartbeat law will ultimately “give people the opportunity to realize that there is a beating heart.”

She believes that will effectively convince women that they don’t want to have an abortion after all:

“It does give people the opportunity to realize that there is a beating heart,” even in a fetus as young as six weeks, Grande said. “People are recognizing that.” […]

Ladies, would the enacting of a bill for or against abortion in your state have an effect on your stance on this issue?

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