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Believe it or not, but there are some Black celebrities that actually did not attend any Inaugural festivities in DC last night. Tia Mowry and hubby Cory Hardrict were spotted at the LA Lakers game at the Staples Center in LA looking rather content with one another. Dig more of the lovebirds right about now.

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  • Adannaya



    awwwww, reminds me of the show i love and hate …The Game.

  • Adannaya

    Cute couple!

  • http://sdfsd.com me init

    yh aww how sweet.

  • Sawyer

    they didnt make it cause there not important enough to be there…plan and simple!



  • you already know

    @ swayer HAHAHAHA.

    i agree.





  • Kevin

    i thought you said celebrities…who are these clowns?

  • JoJo

    @ Kevin
    Why do they have to be clowns just because you don’t know them…. you people on this site are sad….

  • Just saying

    they didnt make it cause there not important enough to be there…plan and simple!

    Whatever they are important becsause they are showing a beautiful black couple. And I feel that beyonce, mary, jay, and other and making this historic event all about themselves instead of what it really is. And why is it that now all these celebrities are trying to make a positive change? They been had the power to do such and choosed not to use it. As soon as I have my oldest I went back to school and now am attending gradulate school so that not only can I better myself and family but also the community that we are all apart of. Honestly people we been had the power to change things, nobody wanted to take responsibility. Look at our new president and our first lady. they did not need some damn hip hop artist to tell them that they could make a different, they took responsibility and did it. Honestly black people wake up we do not need celebrities to tell us what to think, say, or believe!! And the sad part is half of us don’t even agree or like most of these celebrities but yet they seen to have a major influence on our communities. People please wake up and think on your own!!!!!! And this comment is in no way trying to put down anyone (maybe celebrities:) but to get people to participate more in their own lives. I’m not by far the smartest person, but I am determined. Please volunteer at your children’s schools. even is you are a single parent just let your children know that you love them and are there for them always, it does make a huge different!!! God bless!!!

  • CF98

    Aww cool pics! I love The Game!

    Although seeing Tia reminds me of when Kobe had a cameo on Sister Sister back in the day.

  • Kevin

    @ JO Jo


    Which clown are you? Tia Mowry or Cory Hardrict

  • touie

    Her husband is so damn fine. He reminds me of how Michael Jackson could have looked if he left his face alone a lil bit, which is a wettest dream.

  • always knew

    @I love Ray Lewis- I wish you comfort,peace and a speedy recovery…God bless you and I am so glad that you are not in a corner crying, you are continuing your education and fighting…Sister, I love you and I want you to win your fight:) I sincerely hope that you do…

    Tia and Cory look beautiful, together! I am LOVING this new thing of Bossip showing BEAUTIFUL BLACK COUPLES, in a good way!!

  • ...YUP!

    aww there such a cute couple

  • Carla

    Her new hubby doesn’t look happy at all, it looks like he wants now, lol…

  • Aisha

    I remember when i used to think Tia was so beautiful. Now i see shes just pretty.
    Her husband on the other hand… HES BEAUTIFUL.

  • Just saying


    I’m so sorry but did you not finish reading my message? I guess not becaus then you would realize I said I was not the smartest or trying to put any one down. But you must feel some type of guilt…get over it. Oh and by the way I’m a veteran and now I’m disabled for serving my country… 100% (I can’t work but I CAN still voulnteer!!!!!) so like I said before please lets support our children. Get over yourself!!!!!


    @ Just saying

    I did finish reading your message and I guess you didn’t read mine. How did Beyonce and Mary J make this historical event about themselves? You are just a hater running your big mouth about nothing.
    Please get a life and use spell check!!!

  • Liz

    @Just Saying, I understand your point completely. Watching Beyonce sing “At Last” irritated the heck out of me. She was making googly eyes at the camera and playing with her lacefront. Funny how she can show up to make sure a camera is on her at all times, but can’t show to support her former co-star who lost most of her family. Maybe if a camera had been there. Seeing Etta James sing that song, someone who knew what it was like to have barriers in her way because of her race would have meant a lot more. Beyonce was all up in George Bush’s inaugaration because it meant free press.
    Do your thing, just saying and ignore the haters. For I luve Ray Lewis to be also be someone seeking an education and to care more about your comment about attention seeking celebrities than about your suggestion that we all support our youth speaks volumes. Everyone should further their education, whether it be through schooling or by becoming more involved with their community and learning from those around them. Interactiong with a child can teach a person so much, especially a child who has not had someone take the time to say, “I may not know you personally, but I care about your education because you can do great things in life if you learn to believe in yourself.” All most celebrities can teach a child is how to shake their ass in a video and sell your soul.
    @I luv Ray Lewis, if you really believe the most valuable thing you can do with your time is defend Miss Bootylicious and put down another sister trying to get a degree to make her life better, then you may be wasting your time getting a degree yourself. Save your money and spend it on some more CD’s to line some celebs pockets, since you obviously don’t care about a model most educated people, such as Barack Obama, care about: Each one, teach one.

  • posy

    @ kevin. who are you to be calling them clowns? you a nobody so don’t even get me started. @ sawyer and @ you already know, please, yall think yall are important. sit your ho asses down. @ just saying. oh goodness, here comes another idiot blabbing a whole big speech about nothing really.at all the people i just mentioned– get a life losers. tia and her hubby make a beautiful black couple that you haters wish you could have, plain and simple.

  • Liz

    Oh, and one more thing, I luv Ray Lewis, before criticizing someone about using spell check, “luv” is spelled L-O-V-E. This is a blog, not a term paper. No extra credit for you, I guess.


    @ Liz
    Liz is spelled DUMB ASS

  • your mom

    I agree with Posy. ^^

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