Swirly Matrimony-dom: Is There A Shotgun Wedding On The Way For Halle Berry And Olivier???

- By Bossip Staff

Will the third time be the charm for Halle Berry? The actress is rumored to be planning a shotgun wedding with her French baby daddy to be Olivier Martinez.

Via National Enquirer reports:

NOW that HALLE BERRY is pregnant, sources say she and baby daddy OLIVER MARTINEZ have both changed their minds about marriage – and it might help the beauty in her custody battle with her ex-beau!

“Halle’s going to have a shotgun wedding,” proclaimed a family insider. “Olivier has never been par­ticularly traditional in the past, but something about becoming a father has changed him.”

Meanwhile, Oscar-winner Halle, already a single mom, swore she’d never marry again after her sec­ond union, to musician Eric Benet, ended in 2005. But she’s apparently had a change of heart, too.

“Since becoming a mom, SHE now knows what she needs and wants in a man,” said the insider. “Olivier ticks all those boxes, and she’s looking forward to walk­ing down the aisle with a big baby bump.”

The marriage could also solve a dilemma that Halle has been fac­ing. She and Olivier both want to live in his native France, but a Cali­fornia judge ruled that she couldn’t move out of the country with her 5-year-old daughter, Nahla, because it would make it difficult for the girl to see her father, Halle’s ex-beau Ga­briel Aubry. “Getting married could change the dynamic of the custody battle because it represents a stable home,” top matrimonial attorney Raoul Felder told The ENQUIRER.

Halle, 46, and Olivier, 47, have been dating since 2010. They’re hoping to tie the knot in a small chapel in the artists quarter of Paris.

“Olivier has wanted to leave Los Angeles for some time,” said the in­sider. “The only reason he’s stayed here was for Halle’s sake.

“Now that she’s pregnant, he doesn’t want to wait any longer. He wants their child to be close to his relatives and friends.”

Even if Halle gets a legal OK to move to France, she faces another potential problem. Medical experts say that her age coupled with the fact that she’s diabetic raises the risk of dangerous health complications that could put both her and her unborn child in jeopardy.

Dr. Arthur Wisot, a fertility expert and gynecologist with Reproductive Partners Medical Group in Beverly Hills, told The ENQUIRER that the most serious risk a woman Halle’s age faces is high blood pressure. There’s also an increased chance of miscarriage and Down syndrome if she conceived naturally.

“She will need to be screened thoroughly with multimarker blood tests and high-level ultrasounds to ensure that the baby is healthy,” said Dr. Wisot, who has not treated the actress.

The doctor adds that Halle will also need to be closely monitored by an endocrinologist because “irrespec­tive of age, pregnancy worsens the course of diabetes” due to increased hormones and the stress of carrying the baby.

“She will definitely need extra sur­veillance by her physicians to ensure both her own health and that of the baby.”

Has Halle finally got it white right?


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