More Seizures?!?! Lil Wayne Faces Asset Forfeiture After Failing To Pay $3.4 Million In QD3 Documentary Lawsuit

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Giving up $3.4 million is definitely a good reason to fall the f**k out

Lil Wayne Faces Assest Seizure Over $3.4 Million QD3 Lawsuit

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A lawyer is gearing up to confiscate some of the entertainer’s assets in South Florida, including his prized cars and fancy waterfront home in Miami Beach.

Lil Wayne and his production company, Young Money, were socked with a $2.2 million judgment in November in California after losing a lawsuit over a contract.

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Last month, the same court awarded the plaintiff’s lawyer, Miami’s David Goldstein, a whopping $1.2 million in legal fees.

In all, Weezy and Young Money owe $3.4 million — and have yet to pay up.

Those Cash Money characters NEVER pay anyone! It’s amazing that they still haven’t been sued into bankruptcy.

So, according to Miami-Dade County records, Goldstein is moving to have the Cali judgment domesticated to Florida so that he can start going after the singer’s stuff.

Goldstein declined comment, but a source close to the case told Gossip Extra: “They can execute the judgment whenever they want. Technically, those who lost the case need to write a check the day of the verdict.”

Goldstein is said to be eyeing the $11.6 million house that the 30-year-old singer of Lollipop owns on the exclusive La Gorce Island. He claims no homestead exemption, which can make the house a target for creditors.

The rapper also owns an impressive collection of cars, some of which are parked on La Gorce. Especially juicy for Goldstein: The little guy’s $2 million-black Bugatti Veyron.

Looks like Mr. Goldstein will be waking up in a new Bugatti soon. TURN UP!

This is a copy of the affidavit that will allow lawyers to take their shot at claiming Weezy’s ballerific property.

Looks like QD3 and his lawyer will get the last laugh.

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