Poor Precious Thang! Lil Punk Asks J-Hud If He’ll Ever Ride His Bike Again After Breaking His Leg On The Slide [Video]

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Bad news Bossip fam!Jennifer Hudson’s adorable lil boy has broken his first bone.

Via DailyMail reports:

Playing on a slide is a favorite activity of most youngsters.

But Jennifer Hudson has revealed her three-year-old boy broke his leg after going on the play equipment on someone’s lap.

She told Jimmy Kimmel her boy had even asked if he will be able to ride his bike again after the incident, and warned fellow parents to be wary of the dangers.

The Oscar winner said: ‘My little munchkin he broke his leg sliding down the slide.

‘And they said the number one1 way children break their legs is sliding down the slide on someone’s lap.
So don’t let your kids do that, we learned the hard way.’

The youngster, whose father is her WWE star fiance David Otunga, was so worried he even asked if he would ever be able to do his favorite activities.

Jennifer, 31, said: ‘He said mommy whats going to happen to my bad leg.

‘Will I be able to ride again, can I ride my bike. He doesn’t really understand.’

And she revealed she and her fiance, who is now branching out into acting, came up with a cunning way to get him to accept having his leg put in plaster.

She said: ‘He has a cast. Its red. He thinks he’s turned into the red power ranger right now.
‘That’s how we tricked him into the cast.’

She also revealed to the chat show host that she had an embarrassing meeting with Quentin Tarantino back in her American Idol days.

She said: ‘Once when I was on Idol we had movie week they had Quentin Tarantino as one of the judges.

And we had to go to his premiere, it was for Kill Bill and I fell asleep in the movie.

‘After the thing was over they introduced him to is, he’s just walked over, he’s really cool and laid back, and he was like “how did you guys love my movie?”

I was like “oh my god that movie was horrible it was so boring I was knocked out.”‘

But she said there were no hard feelings due to the filmmakers disbelief at what her heard.

She said: ‘He laughed because he thought I was joking.’

J-Hud is a real special character, SMH @ the Tarantino story.

We hope David Jr. heals up fast!

Watch the interview below:

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