Joy Bryant is Engaged

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Joy Bryant and her now fiancé Dave Pope (in the photo with her above) hit up the The Bally Rodeo Drive Store Opening in Beverly Hills and confirmed that they are engaged to be married Fall 2008. We’re just waiting for her to announce that she’s drank that infectious Hollyweird water and is knocked up.


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    1st again


    who da hell is joy bryant…

  • Roberto

    i’m happy 4 them…. and she needs to do more movies

  • Oh F@ck That!!!

    Good for her!!!! He’s attractive, just has one of those weird chicklett teeth smiles. But he’ll do lol.

  • Devin

    Ummmm ewww i dont think he’s cute AT ALLL…she can do mucch muccch better..he kinda looks like a crack feind whos tryna stay clean

  • Alana

    She’s always in InStyle Magazine, but what the hell has she been in? Maybe I’m missing something, she gets a lot of coverage.

  • Mzgapeach


  • Royal Chocolate


    Ditto. What is she famous for?

  • jk rowling need to stop lying



  • JaliliMaster

    She’s really cute, he’s just so-so. But good luck to them.

  • Kevin

    All I know Joy Bryant from is she played 50 Cent’s wife in his movie.

    Here’s the real question though, who gives a f**k about who she’s engaged to marry?

  • CubaLinda

    I am so waiting for Joy Bryant to come up BIG hollywood… She is like the sweet lil’ Miss Mary and she is just so cute, naturally. Then again maybe she likes anonymity with the occassional payday flicks.

  • anonymiss

    She’s a smart girl. She was at Yale before leaving to model. She was in Tommy ads and in that Cover Girl “true foundation” tv commercial, and she’s always the token black girl in the Vanity Fair Hollywood issue. I’m waiting for her to come up big in Hollywood too, CubaLinda. I like her.

  • Jay

    Who is ? And are his gums infected and swollen?

  • Jay

    Who is he ? And are his gums infected and swollen?

  • Mactanque

    She looks cute..

  • The Real Essence 1

    This girl Joy is always in the style section yet I CAN NOT recall anything she’s ever performed in other than a bit part in Skeleton Key & that horrible MTV produced hip hopera Carmen Jones w/ Beyonce Joy’s role only lasted 3 mins in that crap as well!

  • txshawty

    Oh NO jay NO lol

  • txshawty

    Oh y’all she was also in ‘Antoine Fisher’…she played Antoine/Derek Luke’s love interest.

  • treeze

    damn i had a chance

  • CubaLinda

    Oh swat!! His gums a swollen…


    she was in bobby and played nick cannon’s eventual love interest

  • Angie

    I love her simple style. She doesn’t pile on the makeup, hit up the weaves or dress to show off her goods. I wish more actresses were like her. Good luck on the upcoming marriage.

  • Dark Cable

    I’m happy for her but who the hell is she that makes this newswothy?

  • nono

    her man look suspect…

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