Let’s Rumble! 10 Celebrity Fights We’d Pay To See Right Now

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10 Celebrity Fights We’d Pay To See

If you’re like us, you’re sort of tired of hearing celebrities go back and forth with petty arguments and tweets. It’s getting boring. So how about this: how about they just quit the yapping and get to scrapping. So let’s say we had a million magical dollars set aside to get these people to actually fight, who would we want to see battle? Here are our 10 choices.

Chris Brown and Drake – We saw a grainy video of them tossing bottles at each other but we want to see them actually battle for Rihanna’s heart.

Consequence and Joe Budden – These two should do more than tweet and make sad songs about each other. Get it on!

Ciara and Rihanna – Cat fighhhhhht!!!!

Ray J and Kanye – Ray J crossed the line with his song. Yeezy is ready to knock this fool out.

Tahiry and Kaylie – If Joe Budden means that much to them then they should just have a fight or a bikini contest.

Shay Johnson and Erica Dixon – Throw some razor blades in there and let them have at it.

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    Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard – They ruined the Lakers season with their infighting so let’s just have a public brawl for all.

    Beyonce and Keyshia Cole – It’s pretty clear that Key drives Bey crazy. And Key is wildly jealous. Make her bow down, Bey.

    Rick Ross and Young Jeezy – Their little feud could get ugly. So let’s skip the gang stuff and let them box.

    Jay-Z and Lil Wayne – Weezy said he’d kidnap Jay’s queen. Them’s fighting words.

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