Filth Royalty: Top 10 Dirtiest Celebrities Part 2

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Most decent human beings have a strong relationship with soap and warm water. And by “most,” we mean everyone except the filth-smeared celebs featured in Pt. 1, and now Pt. 2. Basic personal hygiene? Nah, they’re off that.

Here are ten more of the dirtiest celebs alive. Take a look.

Amanda Bynes

The talented actress-turned-industry trash bin looks like shattered dreams and swirls gone wrong. When she’s not high (on everything), she’s probably being smashed to smithereens by a K-Mart cashier named Quantavious.

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If you looked closely during Basehead Earl’s “therapy session” with Iyanla, you could see the filth fumes percolating from his Flea market fashions. Stage 5 druggy with gray timbs…shower? Never.

Chris Brown

Breezy may have discovered life’s cheat code but always looks like a dirty band-aid. Black don’t crack? True, if you ignore the once healthy-looking star’s drug-ravaged face.

Rick Ross

The r@pey walrus and his filth-coated fun bags never look clean because they’re not sprayed down like larger wildlife in zoos.


RiRi is just as unwashed, dysfunctional and regret-scented as her musty fleet of hoodrat fans. Based on her recent pics, she probably smells like dumpster juice and kush.

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Azealia Banks

Black women value their edges more than anything in life and Azealia’s packed their sh*t and left years ago. Somewhat talented yet crusty, she seems more comfortable wiping herself down with wet wipes than showering.

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    Juicy J

    You say yes to daily showers, wash cloths and quality soap…Juicy J can’t, and never has during his 20+ year Rap career.

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    Chris Johnson

    Chief Keef is the undisputed super-heavyweight filthball of the universe and CJ is #2. NFL leader in missed washing opportunities? Definitely Chris Johnson.

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    Kid Rock

    You can smell the trailer park hero’s hatred for hygiene through the TV (and radio). If anyone looks like they wash in Ke$ha’s bath water, it’s Kid Rock.


    The 49-year-old weirdo has two separate islands of FAWK NO on his head. WHY?

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