Hoy En Mi Gente News: Hip-Twerkin’ Banger Shakira Sued By Ex-Boyfriend For $100 Million For His “Inspiration”

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Only in America can you doing absolutely nothing and still seek a reward off of someone else’s work SMMFH

Shakira Sued For $100 Million By Ex-Boyfriend

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Shakira’s ex-boyfriend believes he deserves a big payout.

The pint-sized singer and Voice coach has been slapped with a $100 million lawsuit in California by Antonio de la Rua, who claims that he built the “Shakira brand” and was brains behind her hits, “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Waka Waka,” according to court documents.

De la Rua filed the lawsuit on April 12, after initially filing a $250 million lawsuit against the star in New York last November. Shakira filed a motion March 28 asking the court to dismiss that lawsuit because they do not have jurisdiction over her and because de La Rua has failed to state an actionable claim.

Shakira doesn’t believe her ex-boyfriend is to thank for her success, and according to legal documents, the new mommy states that when she first met de la Rua at a concert in Argentina in 2000, she was “already a well-known and recognized artist with an established international career.”

She does say that her former flame, who is the son of an Argentine president, was one of “numerous advisers,” but it wasn’t because of his vast knowledge of the business. In fact, the performer stated that “though he lacked experience or knowledge of the music industry,” she decided, in 2005, at his request, she decided to involve him in some matters relating to the business because he “was unemployed.”

Translation: “That ninja was broke, so I tried to help him out a lil’ somethin'”

But in the court documents de la Rua insists that her fame is partially due to him, saying he convinced the star to record “Hips Don’t Lie” even though she “hated it” at first, and helped her land a $300 million deal with Live Nation in 2008. The docs add that he “inspired” Shakira to write her song “Waka Waka,” which became the anthem for the 2010 World Cup.

Sir, you didn’t sing nan note, nor turn nan knob, what work did you do to be entitled to anything??

These bitter celebrity exes are the worst type of bottom-feeders in the world. It’s gonna get the point where you are going to need a prenup just to have a girlfriend/boyfriend. Sheesh.

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