If Ya Skin Is Brown, Ya Goin’ Down: Moroccan Runners From Local Boston HS Wrongly Identified As Suspects In Boston Marathon Bombing

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The latest tragedy on top of the tragedy of the Boston marathon bombings happened in the last day or so as two Moroccan immigrant runners — one still a high school student — had their photos disbursed throughout the media and published as possible suspects in the terrorist act.

Via The Smoking Gun reports:

Yassine Zaimi and student Salaheddin Barhoum, 17, had their photos published today on the front page of the New York Post, which described them as “Bag Men” whose identity was being sought by investigators probing the deadly terror attack.

As seen below, the Post photo, which includes red circles around Zaimi and Barhoum, is slugged “suspect–525×415.jpg.” Barhoum is pictured wearing a blue Adidas warmup jacket, while Zaimi is seen in a white baseball cap.

Several photos of Zaimi and Barhoum watching the race from near the Copley Square finish line have been widely circulated online by amateur sleuths attempting to determine who might have been responsible for detonating the pressure cooker bombs.

In a CNN update last night, correspondent Deborah Feyerick reported that investigators were looking at two “possible suspects” who had initially been considered “men of interest.” However, Feyerick added, the pair had subsequently “risen to the top of the list” of probers. While not showing photos of the two purported suspects, Feyerick gave detailed descriptions of the pair’s clothing and the bags they carried.

Feyerick was describing Zaimi and Barhoum, though she, like the Post, clearly did not know the identities of her purported suspects.

CNN anchor Erin Burnett reported this afternoon that investigators alerted to photos of the two spectators because “perhaps” the bags they carried “were bigger than they should be.” Large enough, presumably, to fit six-liter pressure cookers. Burnett also reported that photos of the duo “hovering” near the finish line were not being disseminated by federal agents due to fear that such a release “could impede the investigation.”

Way to jump to conclusions guys… SMH @ how the mainstream media is almost as bad as that crazy Erik Rush character.

In truth — the men are both runners, one a coach and the other a student at a local Boston high school.

Details on them when you hit the flip.

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