WTF Is Going On? 9 Questions About This Week Of Insane Violence

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Questions About Crazy Boston Bombings

Things are going down in Boston and it’s freaking us out. While we’re all trying to figure things out, we definitely have a few questions. What’s going on?! What do we know?! What does this all mean?! We have burning questions and we have to get them out. Someone answer them for us!

How Did These Guys Get Explosives? – We don’t want to get into gun control and all that crazy stuff but how do these people get hands on explosives and grenades? We don’t get it.

Who Trained These Guys? – How is a 19 year old having a one-man standoff against the whole city of Boston? He must be trained, right?

What now? – How do we stop this from happening to other cities in the future? This was just two guys!

Where’s The Dark Skin? – Remember when CNN said these guys were dark-skinned? Is anyone going to reprimand CNN for that?

And What About The New York Post? – Those two guys the post said were bombers are going to sue the hell out of them, right?

Are There More? – Not gonna lie. We’re sort of scared. Are these guys lone soldiers are part of a larger group? If so, we’re locking isht down.

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    How Long Will The Police Wait? – They’ve been waiting there all night and all morning. How long will they stay? A day? Two days?

    How Will This Affect Our Rights? – Will they be checking our bags everywhere we go? What’s next?

    Do You Feel Patriotic Now? – Has this renewed your American spirit or made you feel worse about the state of our country?

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