You Better Work

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Just in time for Halloween, RuPaul was signing copies of his new CD ‘Starrbooty’ in NYC. We wonder what kind of tape he uses to strap down his stuff, because there’s not a lot of bulge going on in that crotch area of his.

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  • Dee

    First!!!!! & why am I bragging about that?

  • lisa

    First…Rupaul is still alive? You betta work it!

  • lisa

    Looks like we posted at the same time (1:12pm)

  • kai

    OMG I was wondering what the hell happened to him. The queen of lace fronts, blonde wigs, and madness. He paved the way for these lace front girls, Trina and Beyonce alike, oh yea and Tyra. YOU BETTA WORK!!! LOVE HIM!

  • Smartie

    I’ve always said Ru and Tyler Perry would make a FABulous couple, except I’m not sure if Tyler’s a top or bottom.


    RuPaul knows that he should’ve been a girl — Still looking good!

  • The Real Essence 1

    He’s just another example of a brotha living out loud the lifestyle many supposed “thugs” live on the DL—You go Ru Paul!!!!

  • Mactanque
  • txshawty


  • txshawty

    how tall is he??

  • princess07

    Rupaul is working that outfit.

  • weezy


  • UptownGirl

    His/her makeup is flawless. Damn I’m jealous. You betta work gurl!!! Awright!!!!

  • Mahogany

    @ PCF

    He actually looks better as a woman. I’m sure he’s got more heels than Kimora!

    He seems more content when he’s not wearing a beard.

    I bet he even has bunions.


  • 504okaay


  • Mahogany

    Damn Uptown Girl

    That’s a gravatar for your ass!!!!!!!!


  • kia

    that outfit is fire. i need one of those in pink!!! go RuPaul. Show these young girls how it’s supposed to be done!!!

  • gemini62065

    Work it!

  • Erika

    I’m sorry..but no man that dresses like a female gets kudos from me..smh. These prolly the same females crying about they cant find a wanna know why? he’s wearing panties like you….and you like it.

  • Moreaces

    I forgot just how tall Ru is, He still looks good.

  • vjhe

    Worrrk, turn to the left, worrrk, now turn to the right, worrrk….sashay, shuntay.

    You betta work Rupaul! Gaymon who?

  • jk rowling need to stop lying

    rupaul is fabulous , i love him

  • jk rowling need to stop lying


    i agree , well i think he will look fabulous with any guy , he is so gorgeous even my very jugemental sister say so .

  • txshawty

    I hear you, Erika…lol

  • txshawty

    I just can’t get with it, but I ain’t gone lie…he doin it tho!

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