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Remember when Kenya tried to expose Phaedra as a fraud? She might have been on to something…

Ex-Friend Of Phaedra Parks Says She Is Involved With Illegal Activities

A woman claiming to be a former friend of the attorney is accusing her of being a criminal and even accuses the reality star of having an affair with her husband back in the day before the fame. Now we can’t verify that any of these accusations contain any truth because this lady has been flapping her gums for a minute.

Via UrbanBelle:

On how she met Phaedra, Jessica says:

“Phaedra was my son’s godmother. My affiliation started with her back in 2000. I met her through my ex-husband at a huge carwash on Peachtree street. [Her southern belle act] is really cute, but it’s a lie. I started calling her ‘faker’ years ago. You know, just finding out that she was sleeping with my husband, all of the criminal activity that she was involved in, everything that she had me involved in and everything that she would allow herself to do. Now I do believe people can change. I’ve changed; however, she’s still a grimey person. She’s still conniving and sneaky.”

Jessica also says that Phaedra has an alleged criminal past:

“She has her hands in things that people wouldn’t believe that she’s a part of. To keep it real, I’m sure he [Apollo] is cleaner than her. This woman does mortgage fraud, prostitution, all types of things. He didn’t ever involve himself with anything like that…”
“I’m sure a lot of people will come out of the woodworks once my book comes out and I’m sure Fulton County would like to know some things as well.”

“When I met her she was on top of her gold J30 Infiniti, beat up, with makeup all in the car, dirty, in a short dress, clapping her a** in front of Too Short and my husband and several other people at a car wash at 3 o’clock in the morning.”

She even accused Phaedra of having an affair with her husband:

“I divorced him [my ex-husband]. He’s incarcerated. He’s supposed to get out of jail next year. She still takes his calls and has promised him all kinds of things when he gets out. She’s really grimey. She will be your best friend and then turn around be with your man and take everything from you. That’s who she is. She wants to hurt you. She’s very evil and vindictive.”

And if that wasn’t enough, Jessica also spoke on Phaedra’s marriage to Apollo:

“She has a key to the door he wants in right now. I’m sure she has a lot of stuff on him and he has a lot of stuff on her. It’s not love there. You can see that it’s fake. It’s something there that I’m sure will come out eventually.”

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