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Kerry Rhodes Denies Being Gay Because He’s Getting Married To A Woman

Kerry Rhodes refuses to twerk out the closet. The NFL star was first exposed by his alleged ex-gay lover Russell “Hollywood” Simpson last week. Photos, interviews and text messages revealing the secret relationship were laid before the world to see but Kerry did what anyone with skeletons in their closet does once the door has been opened; DENY, DENY and DENY some more!

According to member of Kerry Rhodes’s team, the suspect baller has dated a woman for over 10 years, but no one has seen the woman, no one knows the woman’s name, there are no photos of the woman with Kerry, she has never been to Arizona because she doesn’t want to be in spotlight. Oh and they are supposed to be getting married this summer. Wait… What?!

Via Baller Alert reports:

According to a member of BA who claims to be close to the situation, Kerry Rhodes is engaged (to a woman) and set to get married this summer.

The woman has yet to be named but is said to be a model who is “drama free” and prefers to “stay out of the lime light”. Another person who also claims to be close to the situation says that she is a “corporate chick from DC” that does not “live off of him” or “prefer to be a Baller’s wife”. Maybe Kerry’s unidentified fiance models and is a corporate chick at the same time. It is possible, I guess. The wedding is said to take place in June and according to one of these sources Kerry has dated this young woman for 10 years.

If Kerry DID date this young woman for 10 years, where has she been when he has been walking red carpets and attending parties on the arms of other women? Better yet, where was she for the year Hollywood was allegedly living in Kerry’s home?

Yes girl, we’ re laughing at this mess too.

So NO one has ever seen this woman and their is NO documentation they were ever together but he’s marrying her this summer? We might as well call Kerry Manti T’eo because ain’t nothing right in the water.

Hit the flip to peep what his former flame looked like, is this the “mystery” woman?



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