Bossip Exclusive: Lance Gross Talks Becoming A Filmmaker, Kim Kardashian, And Negativity In Tyler Perry’s Movies

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Speaking of  successful African-American filmmakers, you’ve worked closely with Tyler Perry. What is your take on some of the backlash that he gets for some of his films?
“First of all I think anybody who’s doing something right is gonna get criticized and everybody has an opinion; everybody is gonna pick out something that you’re doing wrong. But, I feel like Tyler tells all stories. For every negative portrayal in his movies, he has a positive. So you have to look at the bigger picture. I think Tyler is doing good in our community because he’s telling stories that people are afraid to tell.”

How was it working with Kim Kardashian as an actress in the film?
“It was crazy because none of our scenes were together so, we really didn’t spend anytime [together] on set. It was all after at the premiere and I saw her for the first time. I think she did well in her role.”

When can we expect to see you on the big screen again?
“Well, you know…..the big screen? So, you’re talking movies (laughs)? I mean, I’m auditioning now so, I’m looking forward to my next role.”

You can peep a few more pics from the event, including shots of male model Tyson Beckford who was also spotted sippin’ and politicin’ during the after party, below. And you already know we’re gonna ask, ladies, which one would you hit?

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