All In The Family: 9 Celebrities With Gay Family Members

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Celebrities With Gay Family Members

So many celebrities are afraid to come out because it affects their image, but that doesn’t stop their relatives from coming out.

So the celebrities either stand by their relatives or shun them. Good thing to know that these celebrities have backed up their family members who decided to go public with their dating preference s. Because that’s really all they have when the stardom fades.

Take a look.

Cher – Her son Chaz Bono was not only a lesbian, but he underwent a sex change to become her son.

Magic Johnson – He’s beaming with pride over his newly out son.

Warren Beatty – His teenage son was born a girl and came out as a teenager.

Dick Cheney – His daughter is gay and was a point of discussion during the debates in 2004.

La La – Her cousin is gay and she’s always repped for family.

Tyson Beckford – His preference has been scrutinized for ages, but he contends that only his cousin is gay.

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    Anne Hathaway – She shunned the Catholic church when she found out her brother was gay.

    Catherine Zeta-Jones – Her brother is a gay movie exec.

    Kanye West – He’s admitted that one of his cousins is gay.

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