Trash TV Gold: 11 Burning Questions From “Love & Hip-Hop ATL” Premiere

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Last night’s highly-anticipated LHHATL premiere was everything we dreamed of and more. There were unemployed struggle rappers, talking corpses, 50-year-old hoodrats and, of course, Steebie & Joseline—Trash TV Royalty—who left us with several burning questions in need of answers.

Here are eleven burning questions from the Love & Hip-Hop: ATL Premiere.

When is Mimi, the elegant custodian going to tough-talk Steebie like she tough-talks during confessionals?

When are Benzino and his neck going to settle their differences and reunite? They need each other.

Did Mimi attend the LisaRaye School of Acting & Facial Expressions?

How much longer is Benzino going to decompose right before our eyes?

How does Momma Dee look like so many Disney villains at the same time? Scar from “The Lion King,” hoodrat remix of Jaafar from “Aladdin,” chocolate Cruella De Vil from “101 Dalmatians.”

Why does Erica let Scrappy dress like a Burlington Coat Factory mannequin? That’s not love.

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    How is Scrappy able to blow so much $ on upscale Flea market apparel if we ALL know he’s broke?

    Momma Dee and this wet & wavy Vampire in Brooklyn wig-hat. Why?

    In what universe is Joseline ONLY 26? In HD, she’s 26 in Amy Winehouse years.

    K. Michelle, Fergie and Jesus mixed together, musically? We doubt the streets need that.

    What Atlanta-area Ross-Dress For Less does Buckeey work at?

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