Twitter Files: Goons Hijack Associated Press Twitter Page Claiming “Two Explosions In The White House And Barack Obama Injured”

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You would think people had better things to do than hack The Associated Press Twitter page.

AP Twitter Account Hacked

According to NY Post

Hackers took over the Twitter account of the Associated Press this afternoon and sent out a message saying that the White House was under attack.

“Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured,” was tweeted by the AP’s twitter account at 1:05 PM sending markets into a tailspin.

In the minutes after the message was sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged from around 14,700 to 14,566, but the average regained all of its value once the market realized the tweet was fake.

The Dow Industrial Average took a plunge when the fake tweet was sent from the AP but quickly recovered.

Once the AP figured out that their account had been hacked they suspended it.

“The Associated Press Twitter account (@AP) has been hacked. Please do not respond to news posted there in the last 20 minutes,” the AP posted on their Facebook page.

The Associated Press’ twitter account becomes the latest big name twitter account to be hacked recently.

Earlier this month North Korea’s account was hacked and posted a picture of leader Kim Jong Un on a wanted poster.

TMZ reported that the group who revealed sensitive financial records of high profile celebrities, government officials and politicians online is claiming responsibility for today’s hack of the AP’s account.

The gossip site said the group contacted authorities and threatened to explode eight devices around the White House perimeter if Obama “does not declare war within 24 hours.”

SMH! Some people have too much time on their hands.

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