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Peep The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, and The First Lady, Michelle Obama at the Neighborhood Ball being serenaded by Beyonce for their first dance when you

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  • Lauren still Bleeds Green-Steelers SUCK



    o geez i had the tv on and heard her sing while i was cooking but I didn’t know they were doing they first dance to this…missed it

  • Ms. Eritrea

    I love it!!

  • Butterflygirl

    That man loves that woman. I was so happy to see black love on national t.v like that .

  • sugar&spice

    An absolutely beautiful moment. It warms my heart to see the love that this Black man and woman have for one another and the fact that they are our new President/First Lady is icing on the cake. I could say more, but I’ma just reflect on the Obama’s and NOT who was singing the song. 😉

  • biracial bombshell

    This was absolutely breathtaking watching them dance. The look in their eyes when they look at each other, is just priceless. I admire them greatly!

  • Oshie - ain't I? No, I'm asking... seriously, ain't I?

    Damn you Bossip, don’t you make me cry this early in the morning!

  • hotandbothered

    YES we did and yes we will!

  • Swag-a-licious

    They looked so in love! It was truly a beautiful moment….and Bey sounded good too.

  • http://bossip BIGDNTX09


  • da darkness

    at last our forty-acres and a mule. Hold it up MR.+Mrs. Obama

  • Sydney

    Yes, this was a beautiful, beautiful moment. . .And it was cute how they jumped from ball to ball, and after Obama gave his remarks to the audience, he would say, “Now, excuse me while I dance with my wife.” They looked so good together. 🙂

  • WWOD (What Would Obama Do?)

    Can someone tell me when did “At Last” become Beyonce’s song? I bet Etta James would have gladly sung for the president. I mean she did achieve fame in Chicago. I ain’t hating on Bey but dang, can someone recognize the music industry did not start when she got here?

  • blackbarbie334


  • K-mia

    that was awesome, Michelle looked so happy. Beyonce sounded great!

  • me

    @WWOD my sentiments exactly. who did matthew pay or beyonce suck to pull this off

  • Anthony

    This was amoung the sexiest moments I’ve ever seen on TV. Now, excuse me while I gush…again.

  • blackbarbie334

    My favorite part was at the end with President Obama (just love saying that) said “thats old school”-YES!! He has got to be the coolest president ever~swagger through the roof! All Monica L. followers need to fall back b/c Michelle aint having it! Black love is such a beautiful thing.


    Can someone tell me when did “At Last” become Beyonce’s song? I bet Etta James would have gladly sung for the president.

    And Etta James original song is 10 times better, Beyonce sounds a hot mess. I guess after you hear the real version it’s hard to listen to her. I personally felt like they could have found a more veteren style talent to sing at the ball as oppose to Bey.

  • Nikki

    WWOD, apparently your life started when she got here. That has to be why you feel the need to start with the Beyonce bashing when this thread is about Barack and Michelle. What you said doesn’t even make sense so please try to stay on topic.

  • Jordan-Xavier

    I absolutely love this black man, loving his black woman… his wife, the mother of his children and love of life like this.


  • um...

    I was crying, they are so cute together—i was crying and all–beyonce did her thang– Yesterday was a Beautiful day from morning to night–loved everything– I love my President!! (smile)…so excited, its just hitting me, i will be seeing alot of this man and his family–lovin it!

  • Kelly

    I was wondering why they didnt get Etta to sing her own song too.

  • um...

    Y cant it be nice comments on this post? dont hate on Bey! she did her thang, give props where its due hatas! damn!!


    Awwwww…He truly loves his black queen and shows it!!!

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