What Is That, Velvet? 9 Worst-Dressed NFL Draft Picks EVER

- By Bossip Staff

In honor of tonight’s NFL Draft, it’s only right that we showcase the ugliest, shiniest, YOLOish suits (and tragically-terrible outfits) rocked by top draft picks on the greatest day of their life.

Here are the nine worst-dressed NFL Draft picks of all-time.


Brett Favre, 1989 Draft

Are those…stone-washed jort-capris?

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Deion Sanders, 1989 Draft

“Primetime” had too much swag for just one human being. ’80s drug dealer tracksuit, legendary amounts of gold and a perfectly-moist swirly-curl. Waaaay too much going on, at one time.

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Nick Fairley, 2011 Draft

Fat man. Liddo bowtie.

2012 NFL Draft

Robert Griffin, III, 2012 draft

Powder blue suit + struggle box braidlettes combo? Nah, bruh.


Melvin Ingram, 2012 draft

So. Many. Stripes. All of the stripes. Every last stripe on Earth.


Aaron Curry, 2009 Draft

Shiny metallic Diddy suit. Polka dot-splashed tie. Yolo.

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    Reggie Bush, 2005 Draft

    Burlington Coat Factory-fresh.


    Mark Barron, 2012 Draft

    Barney-purple tie. Paper towel pocket square. Grimace-purplish suit lining. White socks. Fashion disaster.

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    Yatil Green, Shawn Springs & Bryant Westbrook, 1997 Draft

    What was happening…here?


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