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Ice-T and wife Coco attended the Roberto Cavalli Halloween party last night in NYC.

Fill in the Blank: Ice-T and Coco’s marriage can be described as _________________.

More images from that event right about now…

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  • LilMoe

    Ice-T and Coco’s marriage can be described as just plain nasty.

  • Rich

    Hoe turned house wife

  • Mzgapeach

    successful LOL

  • Carolyn

    just plain out weird.

  • Lady K

    A pimp married to his hoe maybe

    Hey, if that’s the kind of marriage they want, let them. As long as they happy i guess

  • Nice

    lol! I knew John Legend was a pirate… a Booty Pirate!

    I still love his music though.

  • Say What?

    Their marriage can be described as KINKY.

    -Did Russell dress as Rev Run back in his RUN DMC days? SMH

    -Why does it look like Diddy had been crying and his mascara streaked. AHM

  • AND...

    You know we can diss Ice and Coco all day long but the bottom line is they are married so in my book they are doing better than these other celebs that are acting a fool and shaking up.

  • Mzgapeach

    Y does that costume seem so natural on Mr. legend

  • I Stay SMH

    as one big STD waiting to be created

  • John

    No surprise here. Just portraying the truth!!!

  • Hate Much

    A beautiful and romantic union filled with love laughter and adventurous kinky, lust filled disgusting sex.

    Ohh how cute!

    When i get married i too will want be the hoe to my husbands pimp.

  • kennedy


  • everydayjaneblow

    NonExistent – They are not legally married. She’s his Hype H@e. This way they both stay relevant. No hate for CoCo though, whatever works for her. Just understand ICE T is still in the pimpin’ business.

  • jk rowling need to stop lying

    wow dress as a slytty maid , how original . Coco stop sticking up your butt and get some self respect girl .

  • Tracey

    Edrock = Uncle Tom #1

  • Mr. Targetsquad

    Pimp potential and hoe credentials.


    Squad up!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    They are so tacky…and comical.

  • Anonymous3

    these two have no shame….but what would one expect from a self professed pimp and his bottom bi*$&…..anywho…Ice has so much talent it bugs me that he makes a spectacle of himself with this, and I use the term loosely…lady

  • I Stay SMH

    ^ LMMFAO

  • Will J. Powers

    HAPPY!!! LOL

  • bxbella

    @ edrock…lmao… no woman in their right mind would be jealous of coco… black or white…

  • follow the leader

    This is no costume for Ice T and Coco!!!!!

  • tiababy

    Is it me or is Russell’s girl trying to give a little camel toe. You can’t mess with CoCo.

  • momo

    These guys are all with the same women. Either white or a “what race is she”?

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