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“The Boondocks” creator spoke his mind while at Earlham College the other night, and came off sounding like a bit of a d*k in the process:

“The Boondocks,” comic strip and animated series creator Aaron McGruder entertained, intrigued and outraged his audience at Earlham College on Monday night.

Appearing at the college for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, McGruder answered questions posed by the audience and by associate professor James Logan. Mixing political opinion and satire is hard to do in comics and cartoons, he said. “It’s not having a statement, it’s entertaining people so they listen.”

On the eve of President Barack Obama’s inauguration, McGruder is “cautiously pessimistic” about the presidency. “I don’t think you’re going to see any dramatic change from Barack Obama,” said McGruder, who wore a “Boondocks” T-shirt over a black long-sleeve shirt and jeans. “I’m hoping he proves me completely wrong.”

McGruder bases his opinions of the U.S. presidency on the 2000 election and how nothing has been done since then to change the election system. “It was a sham then … It’s got to still be a sham,” McGruder said. “I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but it’s what I tend to do.”

On the topic of race and ethnicity, McGruder said that to him, Obama is not black because he is not a descendant of a slave. “The person who is one of us in the White House is Michelle Obama and her momma,” McGruder said.

His comments outraged Dionne Robinson, 44, of Richmond. “I want my $5 back,” she said. “It’s one thing to have an opinion, but he doesn’t have any facts. He needs to go back to college.”

Robinson said that people were enslaved in many parts of the world, not just in America.

Her son, Zane Robinson, 14, of Richmond watches “The Boondocks,” but was disappointed by the show’s creator. “He’s nothing like his show,” Zane said. “I thought it was kind of boring. His answers were long and they didn’t make any sense.”

Sounds like this dude just likes to be controversial. And when the freak will these busters stop talking all that gahbage about Barack not being Black?? Elevate, suckas.


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  • Hannibal

  • Vinandi

    oh dear, am just about to have a nigga moment!

  • Bran Bran

    Some people talk just to hear their voice. I agree with you, he’s seeking to stir up a bit of controversy!

  • politicallyincorrect

    If you wanted to hear someone preach to their choir than you shouldn’t go see someone like McGruder. His show and comic strip are controversial and always have been

  • Skrean Nayme

    Let me get this straight…his dad is from Kenya, but yet he’s not a decendant of a black? SMH

  • Bran Bran

    And one more thing…this brother questioning someone’s ethnicity? He is a bit light and that hair isn’t exactly screaming African descent! (giving him the “oh no you not talking during church” side eye!)

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    idot, some Africans were enslaved in Africa…..whose to say that Baracks ancestors werent enslaved…this guy is an idiot…the reality is this, Barack is a man, he is not a super hero, I don’t look at him as the answer to all of America’s prayers…but he signifies a sign of change in that America has finally gotten over the color of someone’s skin and united in saying regardless of what color he is, he can run our country as good as if not better than anyone else…..



  • Soulwriter

    Who is he to tell anyone who’s black and who’s not?!? HIS FATHER CAME DIRECTLY FROM THE MOTHERLAND, WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT?!? BOOOOO!!!

  • britneybritney

    He’s an idiot. If you really want to get technical, Barack Obama is African American in every sense of the word. He is the descendant of Africans(on his father’s side) and he was born in America!! Aaron McGruder is about to make a lot of people hate him.


    lol@the fact yall think just cause you from Africa you was a slave.hahahahaha

    they didn’t expect this but they watch the Boondocks…wtf is wrong with people. REFUND DENIED

    Thats ok Aaron, not everyone can ride the fantasy white horse all the time, some of us actually use objective thought and reasoning.

  • Hannibal


  • bb

    What does black have to do with being the decendant of a slave.
    Is that the definition of being black?
    This brother needs to let it go .
    Jealousy is a desease


    ya know what, I have an opinion too, stick with the cartoons nigga, its what you do best.

  • J=G

    just by looking at his complexion, you can tell that he’s not entirely from African descent. That, my friends, is the definition of irony. And contradiction. And oxymoron.

  • Re is excited to see GAMBIT in May. FINALLY!

    I actually like Boondocks and the point they’re usually trying to make…and I totally expected this from Aaron.

    Just watching the behind the scenes snippets, he is long winded, and he strays from the actual questions 90% of the time. I see WHAT he’s trying to say, but there’s no justification. Black people are the descendants of Africans, no matter how far back we’re talking. Barack’s father is straight up AFRICAN, like FROM Africa. So although Barack is a product of the swirl, and was raised by white people, he is still “one of us” (whatever that means).

  • pm

    How dare a black man have his own opinion!!!

  • mickey

    This is too fuuny that people are upset by what he was saying. You not have ever read the coimcs or seen his show:P

  • Vinandi

    the only thing i disagree with is his point about Barack not being Black, he is African American.
    However the dude has a valid point with the whole election sham thing, in that the system is probably messed up and that things wont change too much.

    this is because the essense of U.S Foreign Policy in particular has not changed in the previous 8 administrations, 8! Historically Democrats and Republicans advocate the same foreign policies, the only differences is domestic policy and that the Bush administration was more aggressive and millitaristic than say Clintons administration!

  • Soul Touch

    So…because he is not a decent of a slave, he’s not black. Guess the fact that his father is straight from the Motherland means nothing.

  • Aunt Viv

    The whole quantification of “Blackness” thing is so old and tired to me…

  • Ms. Eritrea

    Being from Eritrea, which is right on top of Kenya (where Obama’s Father is from) I AM black. Both my parents came from Eritrea and I am looked at as African-American by some, Black by other, African by some as well. No my parents or grandparents, or great grand parents were NOT part of slavery in AMERICA but we were enslaved by europeans in our own country. So just because we did not COME to america to be slaves does not entitle or downplay that we WERE slaves.

    I have caught this “show” a couple of time and was NOT amused.

    Black and proud.

  • barb

    some people just always have to be on the contrary.
    he’s a cartoonist; i really don’t care what he thinks.

  • Rough Shot

    He is not relevant to anything going in America, so why bother giving a platform. Ignore him and he’ll go away.

  • Aunt Viv

    I’m not surprised by Aaron McGruder. He’s getting the attention he wants.

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