Filth-Boogie: 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Feel Sorry For Lauryn Hill

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Lauryn Hill was a widely-celebrated music icon before shriveling into a homeless voodoo priestess who charged fans $80+ for 3.5 song-concerts. At some point, she stopped caring about music, bills and taxes and vanished into the darkness. Now she’s broke, pathetic and disqualified from spelling her name with a “y.” Karma.

Here are seven reasons why you shouldn’t feel sorry for the miseducated tragedy that is Lauryn Hill. Take a look.

1. She spit in her fans’ face by stumbling onto stages hours late and squawking terribly-remixed versions of classics that sounded neither recognizable or $80-worthy.

2. She never apologized to her shea-buttery legion of fans who paid good money and waited hours to see her verbally-abuse band members, ruin her own hits and blame the mics for her struggle-vocals.

3. She burned every industry bridge imaginable. All the feature and sample requests by fellow artists, declined. Kanye’s request to sample her vocals on “All Falls Down” (before Syleena Johnson stepped in)? declined…via e-mail.

4. Her lies, manipulation and deception broke up The Fugees (according to multiple reports and Wyclef). At one point, she lied to Clef about fathering her first child. Filth-Boogie.

5. In her fame-warped mind, Lauryn Hill didn’t have to pay taxes like EVERYONE ELSE ON EARTH because Lauryn Hill is better than us all. She also didn’t believe in crediting songwriters/producers or paying anyone, for anything, which explains the endless trail of lawsuits against her.

6. She’s President of the League of Extraordinarily LAZY “Legends.” Members: 3 Stacks, D’Angelo, Maxwell and Jay Electronica.

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    7. She was deeply-arrogant, self-righteous and acted like her fame and fortune were a curse. A multi-millionaire complaining about her privileged life? Awwe-boohoo.

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