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These dudes truly weren’t isht

Police Discover Boston Marathon Bombers Planned To Attack Times Square

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has confirmed reports that the next target on the list for the Boston Marathon Bombing suspects was none other than NYC’s infamous Times Square.

via Fox News

the Boston Marathon bombing suspects had Times Square in their sights before law enforcement authorities put an end to their bloody terror spree, according New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“New York was next on their list of targets,” Bloomberg said of brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Bloomberg said he received confirmation of the chilling second phase of their plot from the FBI. “The fact is, New York City remains a prime target for those who hate America and want to kill Americans.”

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the brothers, Muslims from Dagestan, a breakaway republic in Russia, hatched their plot to attack Times Square while driving the streets of Cambridge last Thursday in a Mercedes SUV they had carjacked from a man who later escaped.

Kelly called the New York plot “spontaneous,” and said they had six bombs with them in the car, some of which they hurled at police cars hours later when they were being pursue

These two “suspects” were truly out for blood. It’s unfortunate that they weren’t able to be stopped before they took any lives period, but it’s still a huge relief to know that they’re off of the streets and unable to harm anyone else.



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