Thank God Michael’s Not Here For This: Paris Jackson Upsetting Katherine By Getting Closer With Debbie, Wants To Move In With Her

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Paris Jackson Sparks War In Jackson Family

Paris if your pappy didn’t what that woman in your life, we’re pretty sure it was for a good reason.

According to National Enquirer

The late superstar was determined to cut Debbie out of the lives of Paris and her older brother Prince, also born to Debbie, sources say, and Michael even named his mother, now a frail 82 years old, as the children’s legal guardian. But Paris is ignoring her father’s wishes, insiders say, and growing close to Debbie.

“Paris is very puzzled as to why Debbie was never part of her life,” a close source told The ENQUIRER. ”All she knew was that Michael never wanted her to have any contact with Debbie. Now she’s on a mission to find out why.”

A family source added: “Paris wants to move out of the Jackson compound in Calabasas and live with Debbie. “After having little contact with her for years, Paris is determined to get to know her real mother. It’s infuriating her grandmother.”

Debbie worked as a medical assistant in the office of Michael’s dermatologist, and agreed to bear his children after he divorced Lisa Marie Presley. She was pregnant with Prince when she married the “Thriller” singer in November 1996. She gave birth to Paris in April 1998, and when the couple divorced in 1999, Debbie surrendered full custody of the two youngsters to Michael in exchange for $8 million and a house in Beverly Hills.

Jackson’s other child, Blanket, was born to a still-unidentified woman.

The deal allowed her to see Prince and Paris for eight hours every 45 days, but in 2001 she gave up her parental rights. Debbie sold her Beverly Hills home in 2005, and bought a ranch in rural Palmdale.

“Prince is following his dad’s wishes and doesn’t want to establish a relationship with Debbie. But Paris has spent a lot of time with Debbie at her ranch, riding horses, and says she wants a normal life living with her,” the family insider told The ENQUIRER.

“But it’ really upsetting Katherine because she knows Michael would not have approved. He paid Debbie off and made her promise to stay away from the children. Now that he’s dead, Debbie is not honoring that agreement, and Katherine is livid!”

At the same time, deeply religious Katherine feels for her grandchildren, sources say. “Katherine understands Michael’s wishes,” said the family source. “But she can also see why her grandchildren want to learn more about their mother.”

We understand Paris’ need to get to know her real mother, but you got to ask yourself: what mother signs away their kids to see them eight hours a day every 45 days?

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