Nice Henna Tattoo

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Here are a couple of pics of Beyonce arriving at an airport in Indonesia for another leg of her tour.  All we’re going to say is…(See title).

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  • Mzgapeach

    she looks different……in a weird way and in a hood way lol

    I didnt know who she was for a min….lookin all spanish lol

  • First


  • Ms. Legend

    She look so pretty like natual beauty not a lot of make up. She looks so pretty Third! LOL

  • Hate Much

    She does look diffrent, younger too.

  • Angel..V,(^.^)

    ^^^ I agree..

  • dani

    Beyonce looks like Shakira in these

    @ MZgapeach

    how does she look hood?..She looks like an everyday dressed down

  • AND...

    I must agree with the previous posters. She looks really young, natural and fresh. Very pretty.

  • Maurice

    She looks gorgeous and natural as usual.

  • dani

    Oh yeah and Beyonce’s make-up is very subtle and pretty;-)

  • Mzgapeach

    she does look younger……but she looks cute without the loud lipstick

  • Hot Mess

    I think she looks very cute, and natural. GO BEY!!

  • Tabitha

    This chick is soo boring to me I’m soo over HER!!!

    Although I’m proud of the sista for accomplishing so much I just don’t care to hear about her any longer.

  • I Stay SMH

    she looks nice and normal

  • lady

    She really looks nice without her makeup and that’s a rare thing for celebrities. She should wear the natural look more often.

  • Well, SECOND!

    You know I LOVE B, but I must be outgrowing her or she is loosing her luster, I need for her to have a little drama. She can sing. dance, and SOOOOOO pretty. But her personality seems very practiced and lacks the element that may convince me that she is genuine. I love her, don’t get me wrong, but I must be getting tired of her. She dances better than any video-ho I’ve EVER seen, sings like a bird, then says thank you lord. I have often times consciously ignored that tidbit about her, but it really bothers me. The Lord works with me, but does anyone know about the 7 things God hates? I need to rethink my like for her, becuase she’s representative of something I do not stand for. And for those that will say that it is just her job, I work one too. How can you serve the Lord with your life then separate from that your job. If that aregument won, then dope boys could walk around all day with no regret.

  • Sammy Pretty

    she looks MUCH better without makeup, so does Tyra!

  • Kay

    She looks younger and well rested, she looks so much better without all that extra makeup and loud red lipstick. Good Look BEY!!!

  • John

    Yes, She is looking very good!!!

  • Sammy Pretty

    She does and Tyra too!

  • Y

    blah blah blah @ well second and tabitha

    If you’re so over her then why are u one of the first ones commenting on her? SMH

    Anyway I agree Beyonce looks very pretty. She is such a natural beauty.

  • C'mon Now!

    The Lord works with me, but does anyone know about the 7 things God hates?

    ummm….God doesn’t hate…

  • Sammy Pretty

    Well, Second!

    you’re just bored…she’s pretty much dimmed to everyone except young girls and men…

  • Anonymous3

    she looks pretty… I am a little concerned about the nappy baby hairs….maybe the lace front needs to be straightened

  • Sammy Pretty

    Lauren London looks just like my cousins…it’s uncanny…

  • Lola Reese

    @ Well, SECOND! Yes girl I feel exactly where your coming from. It amazing me how a Christian Family such as the Knowles family have no shame about their daughter grinding on stage w/ short, skimpy stripper clothes on. I guess money talks huh I betcha the church be buzzing on the low.

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