University Of Arizona Students Outraged By “Brother Dean’s” Sign Implying That Women “Deserve” Sexual Abuse, And “Muslims Are Pedos”! [Video]

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Not sure this is exactly what Jesus had in mind to combat “sinners”

University Of Arizona Students Angry Over Signs Suggesting Women Deserve Sex Assault

Via HuffingtonPost

Dean Saxton, a student at the University of Arizona, stood on campus Tuesday wearing a shirt that said “Virgin Pride” and holding a sign reading “You Deserve R**e.”

Saxton, who’s known on the UA campus as “Brother Dean,” gathered a crowd of onlookers by holding the sign and suggesting women who wear short shorts in 90-degree weather are asking to be r***d, the Daily Wildcat reported.

Saxton had other signs, too, which read “R*****s Deserve The Death Penalty,” “Frat Boys Are The R*****s” and “Sorority Girls Are W****s,” according to a video posted on YouTube.

As seen in the video, Saxton yelled, “You deserve to be r***d,” at women walking by, insisting their fathers hate them for allowing them to dress in that way. He also shouted, “All Muslims are pedos,” at one point in the footage.

The video also shows a few men losing their temper and attempting to knock the sign out of Saxton’s hands, only to be restrained by others gathered in the crowd. One student held up a sign reading “Nobody Deserves R**e,” and another stood in front of Saxton holding a Jimi Hendrix poster, which drew cheers from the crowd. When one woman challenges Saxton, as seen in the video, he replies, “You’re disgusting. God’s going to vomit you out on Judgment Day,” and makes disparaging remarks about her shorts. Eventually campus police pull Saxton aside, but he’s allowed to remain on his figurative soapbox.

You can see Brother Dean in all is ignorant splendor in the video below.

This is America and Brother Dean has the right to believe whatever his inflammatory heart desires, but what is the point of antagonizing people out in public. It’s as if he thinks that his signs will make a woman wearing daisy dukes stop and say: “You know what, I AM a ho, what was I thinking about wearing these coochie cutters?”


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