Phuck Yo Beef: Ciara Says She Could Care Less About Her Feud With Rih-Rih – “It Really Doesn’t Matter….At This Point, I Don’t Care”

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She aint got no worries…

Ciara Says She’s Not Worried About Beef With Rihanna

Despite the fact that the angry bird beef between Ciara and Rihanna doesn’t seem like it’ll be dying down any time soon, Ci-Ci says she’s over when it comes to the feud with her frenemy.

via MTV News

Fans probably stopped keeping track of what round Rihanna and Ciara are in in their long-standing beef. But, as far as the “Body Party” singer is concerned, she no longer wants any part of it.

“You know what? I’m cool on it. I couldn’t tell you anything, anything more at this point,” she explained to MTV News about she and Rihanna’s past spats.

“I think I’ve said all I could possibly say when it pertains to her and, you know, that’s pretty much it.”

Future’s lady love also says that she’s way more focused on her music than any drama with Rihanna.

Ciara insists she’s more focused on her new single with beau Future than any girl fights.

“That’s a small thing in the pond, in the pond of fish, I guess, you can say in my world. And the blessing is that right now, which is exciting for me, is my fans are really loving the music,” she said of “Body Party,” the lead single off her self-titled summer album.

She added, “[The fans are] really loving the record and the record’s been moving very fast. So, thanks to my fans. But, you know, I feel like that’s like a point zero percent of the equation. Like, it really doesn’t matter. Like, it doesn’t make or break me. It doesn’t do anything for me. It is what it is. It’s not even a distraction. It’s not a distraction.”

Ciara continued talking that talk, claiming that she’s done addressing the beef and if the fans want answers, they’ll have to take it to Rih-Rih. Read exactly what she had to say on the flip…

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