Epitome Of A Bad Father: Dad Gets Sons High By Feeding Them Meth-Laced Cookies

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Somebody needs to take this dad to a back alley and give him that work!

Dad Laces Cookies With Meth

According to Mail Online

A father is accused of spiking cookies with meth and feeding them to his children so his wife would fail a drug test, it emerged today.

Chad M. Holm, 37, from Des Moines, Washington, is accused of giving the drug-laced cookies to his five and seven-year-old sons who then both tested positive for meth.

He is also accused of forging a drug test result to mask his substance abuse which would be used in an upcoming custody trial.

According to Seattle Pi, Holm was married to the mother of his children for several years before they split up in April 2011.

They would often use meth together.

The two boys were placed with Holm while the mother went through a voluntary drug program.

She was clean for almost a year until she tested positive for meth in September, though she claims she had not taken any drugs.

She then remembered the cookies her sons had brought home that ‘tasted terrible’.

She said she and her five-year-old son split one cookie but could not eat it all because it tasted funny.

The woman suspected Holm or his girlfriend were trying to sabotage her perfect drug test record before the upcoming child custody trial.

A leftover part of the cookie was tested and confirmed the presence of meth.

Holm denied spiking the cookies and denied that he used the drug or even had it in his possession.

When police combed through past drug test results submitted by Holm, they found he had forged the test results before submitting them to the court.

For filing the alleged forgery, prosecutors have charged the 37-year-old with second-degree perjury.

No one has been charged in the apparent drugging of the young boys.

On her Facebook page today, the mother congratulated herself on being one year sober.

She wrote: ‘I want to say thank you to my family and friends for standing by my side now that I’m sober, and for not backing me up while I was stuck in my sickness.

I”m so grateful for my new connection with God, and that I found the rooms of AA/NA.’

Damn, the woman is trying to do good and that no good man tries to take her down. SMH!


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