Jesus Take The Wheel: Two Seventh-Grade Girls Name 10-12 Classmates They Want To Kill On Youtube

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Some kids just need a good old fashioned a** whooping.

Two Girls Make Video Death Threats Against Classmates

According to North Jersey

Two seventh-grade girls from School 27 have been removed from classes and face criminal charges for posting a video on YouTube this week threatening to kill their classmates, officials said.

Authorities have not made public any evidence the two students actually planned to carry out the threats.

But one parent at the school, Jackie Quinones, said the girls in the video named 10 to 12 classmates they said they wanted to kill and stab.

“It’s serious enough for us to have this investigated, especially because of the current climate we’re in,’’ said Mayor Jeffery Jones on Thursday afternoon, shortly after being informed of the situation by acting Police Chief William Fraher.

“Let’s hope that it was just frustrations and emotions and they didn’t mean anything, but we can’t sit back and just hope.’’

Parents, too, aren’t taking any chances. Officials say parents whose daughters were on the girls’ hit list went to police headquarters on Wednesday evening to file terroristic threat charges against the two students.

Quinones said some parents also have spoken to investigators with the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office at 401 Grand St.

Quinones said the two girls who made the threats had not been in any previous disputes with their classmates.

“No bullying, no fights, nothing,’’ said Quinones. “I don’t understand it.’’

Quinones said her daughter told her the situation started on Tuesday afternoon during a classroom journal writing exercise. One of the girls wrote in her journal the names of students – mostly other girls – she wanted to kill, said Quinones.

At the end of the class, the girl read her journal entry to classmates, but not within earshot of the teacher, said Quinones.

“My daughter said to her, ‘You want to kill me?’” said Quinones. “She said, ‘Yes, I want to kill you.’”

Quinones said her 12-year-old daughter, whose name she asked not be published, then went to the bathroom to hide.

“My daughter called me from the bathroom,’’ said Quinones. “She was so scared she was crying.”

Quinones said she was working in Newark at the time but rushed back to Paterson and went right to the school principal’s office.

She met with Graciella Ayala, who she said is the principal. Ayala told her the student who made the threats was being removed from the school and would not be allowed to return until she had been evaluated by a doctor, Quinones said.

But the next day, Quinones said her daughter called again from the school to let her know that the girl who had made the threats was back in the building, but in a different classroom.

Quinones said she returned to the principal’s office and was told the girl had gotten medical clearance.

By Wednesday afternoon, another student in the class had found the threatening video on YouTube, Quinones said.

The video showed the girl involved in Tuesday’s threats again saying she wanted to kill certain classmates, naming about a dozen of them, Quinones said. A second girl participated in the video, speaking off-camera about classmates to target, said Quinones.

The video was 21-minutes long and remained posted on YouTube until about 1:30 am on Thursday, Quinones said.

School district spokeswoman Terry Corallo issued a statement saying educators learned of the “disturbing video” on Wednesday.

“As the safety of our students and staff is our utmost concern, we immediately took action and removed these students from the school environment,’’ said Corallo’s statement. “We have been communicating with the parents who had children in the same class as these two students.

We have assured these parents that we have taken this issue very seriously and are taking the necessary steps to address this issue.’’

Corallo would not clarify whether the students have been suspended.

“Additionally, the video has been pulled from YouTube,’’ Corallo said. “This is now a police investigation and they will have our full cooperation.”

Capt. Heriberto Rodriguez, head of the Paterson Police Department’s detective bureau, declined to answer questions about the case. “It’s under investigation,’’ Rodriguez said.

Have we become a culture obsessed with violence?

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