Save Up: 9 Athletes Who May End Up Broke Like Allen Iverson

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Athletes Who Might Go Broke

We all know by now that our former favorite baller Allen Iverson can’t even afford a Big Mac these days. And it’s a shame because at one point he was worth $150 million.

But we’ve seen this story all too often of athletes getting rich then losing it in a whiff. We know AI won’t be the last, so we looked at some athletes who are blowing money too fast.

Here’s a look at athletes who should start  saving up before they end up broke, too.

Antonio Cromartie – He’s got at least nine kids and more than half a dozen baby mommas. When it comes to paying all those bills, things are going to get rough.

Michael Vick – He lost all his money when he went to jail, then he got back, but his new contract isn’t for a lot of guaranteed money.

Chad OchoCinco – He’s still looking for work…does he need it? Probably.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. – Money Mayweather is blowing his money as fast as anyone else. Mike Tyson, anyone? Yeah, he looks like he may be heading down that financial road.

Terrell Owens – Wait. He’s already sort of broke. So nevermind.

Jamarcus Russell – There’s only one reason someone who got paid $31 million is still looking for work. That money is going faster than you can say “worst draft pick of all time.”

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    Dez Bryant – We just know he’s a damn fool. That’s it.

    Kordell Stewart – That divorce is going to grab half his cash…poor Kordell.

    Tracy McGrady – He’s been trying to get back in the league and finally played a bit for the Spurs. But noooobody plays overseas who’s rolling in dough.

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