Sasha Denies Her Diva-tude

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Beyonce is steady trying to perpetrate some humble bullsh*t:

Beyonce hates being called a diva – and is keen to let everyone know that she is actually really laid back and relaxed. The former Destiny’s Child star – who married rapper Jay-Z in a secret ceremony early last year – says her favorite past time is to sit in front of the TV watching re-runs of the Cosby Show and Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

She reveals, “I’m not this round the clock diva looking for attention. I’m way more comfortable out of the spotlight and just chilling out with my family. “I’m very quiet. I love to paint. I love to watch TV though it seems I never get to do it.

“I love a lot old television shows. I still love the Cosbys. I also love the Fresh Prince.” It was recently claimed that Knowles, 27, refused to walk in the cold after husband Jay-Z finished rehearsing for his recent pre-inaugural concert – so got the secret service to give her lift to where she wanted to go.

A source told the New York Daily News, “Beyonce wouldn’t walk in high heels in the cold. “The cops wouldn’t budge, but the Secret Service agreed to let the driver pick Jay and Beyonce up, bring them to their hotel so they could change, and get them back to the theater.”

Whatever Bey. That secret service crap sounds like some diva ish for real. Why won’t this broad just shut up and sing already. She makes such a fool of herself running her mouth and putting her lack of intelligence on display like that. SMH.


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  • Skeezers Anonymous...


  • sickofitt

    I always though Bey had a good attitude. But then again I only met her once.

  • jena4rmthablock

    Get off B’s nuts! When you make that dough the dogs go to barkin!!!

  • Re is excited to see GAMBIT in May. FINALLY!

    “I’ma- a diva…”

    Did you forget you dedicated an ENTIRE song to it. And no, Bey you weren’t humble at all in the song. Beyonce, I like your music. But spare me all the contradictions…

  • jstbnme


  • Canadian DIVA

    looooool…thats some funny shit…the secret service…WOW…and ” I like to paint”….loooooool…give me a break…

  • Good 'n Thick


  • Lauren still Bleeds Green-Steelers SUCK

    Bossip drank a hot cup of hate this morning, sheesh!

  • VJ

    I sincerely doubt that the Secret Service would be at the beck and call of Beyonce. People need to stop making stuff up.

  • Lauren still Bleeds Green-Steelers SUCK

    I met her once also @ sickof it….

    She was backstage @ the Laides First tour in Philly and she wouldn’t take off her damn sunglasses, and I thought, how rude!!! We are inside a building and people waited in line to see you but you won’t take your glasses off??? AH WELL….I guess that’s the lifestyle of the rich and famous….

  • And.....(with 5 dots)

    She’s fake. I saw her and Jay-Z in DC and Jay is soooo not cute.

    Bossip, give us the scoop about her and MJB having a showdown at the inauguration. I heard that diva-tude was flying all over the place and MJB was ready to give her a beatdown. Also, tell us how Beyonce really got the spot to serenade President Obama and Michelle. My sources tell me that Daddy Knowles damn near got his knees to beg for his daughter to be in the spotlight.

  • AllINeed

    Like how they went from talkin bout the Cosby’s to something completely unrelated just so they could nullify what she was sayin.


    i swear bossip picks their topics off our convo…Diva and Religion is what we discussed yesterday…

  • Aunt Viv

    Whoa @ Bossip-y’all hate on Bey so much, yet you run posts of her EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Please!

    LMAO @ Good n’ Thick’s gravie!!!!

  • HarlemWorld

    Anyone who allows the establishment to whiten their likeness on the cover of a nationally circulated print source is incredible.

    That is all.

  • sashaKayente

    I don’t blame Bey for not wanting to walk. She was going to serenade the President and First Lady. She needed everything to stay in tact. What would she have looked like all sweaty and hair messed up from walking? Come on ladies…let’s get real.

  • Man, I just don't care

    What’s up people? Beyonce is a “hustler” LOL.

  • Victorian

    Ya’ll haters!!!! Do ya’ll realize it’s cold as hell in DC??? If your not used to the weather like this.. then yes I would have asked anyone to come scoop me up to get me out of the cold… So don’t hate! It is cold as in DC.. I’m from DC and it felt like 17 degrees out there.

  • Jordan-Xavier

    It never ceases to amaze me how people can say Beyonce is this and Beyonce is that and never met her a day in their own personal lives.


    Opinions make individuals look stupid when read on paper.


    5…4…3…2…her and jay-z is about to fall off
    the hoe only sold 1.4 million records
    the hoe only sold 7 million worth of tickets for that wack azz movie
    shes done really soon, and i cant wait!
    JayZ yelling “ni99a all over the inauguration scene…shame

  • GQ (Mrs. PW)

    Bossip, everytime you guys post something about her, ya’ll always talking’s clear ya’ll don’t like her…stop contibuting to her “over exposure”…any way I believe her…that diva/sasha fierce shit is for the fans..i believe she’s mad laid back

  • uhuru27

    Bossip would you let your woman walk 4 blocks in high heels in 15 degrees weather? thats like going outside bare feet. in 15 degrees weather . thats calling for frost bite

  • Man, I just don't care

    Beyonce is this: a diva
    Beyonce is that: a “hustler”

    These are my opinions.

  • slimpickens

    It really amazes me that this site insists that the very attractive women is not very intelligent. Obviously she is doing something right. From what I have seen of her in the media and in concerts, she conducts herself well, is articulate, and humble. If everytime I misspoke or made a miscue and it was published, I would look foolish also. Shame on you!!!

  • Pride

    B is a B and the media got here where she’s at TODAY. I wished they would have not let her sing at the inauguration she sound AWFUL! They should have had some one that can relate to the Rosa Park days but then again Barack is only 48. That is young for a president.

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