For The Stans: Watch As The Almighty Beysus Learnes Her Choreography For H&M Commercial In A Mere Five Minutes!!! [Video]

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Illuminati skillz… Bey Bey done did it y’all!

Via Mail Online reports:

She’s known for her incredible dance routines as much as her powerful voice and incredible stage presence.

But when it came to shooting her new Standing On The Sun video for H&M’s Spring/Summer 2013 campaign, Beyoncé’s skills were really put to the test when she was given just five minutes to learn the choreography.

A behind the scenes video from the set of the campaign shows the 31-year-old bikini-clad singer being put through her paces by one of the choreographers just seconds before the camera starts rolling.

Frank Gatson, co-choreographer of the routine, said: ‘Beyoncé hasn’t really got a chance to rehearse as much as she would like to.

‘She has a lot on her plate but we’ll get it done.’

And Beyoncé adds to the camera: ‘Now I have to learn choreography in five minutes.’

But, ever the professional, Beyoncé manages to learn the sultry routine without much drama, looking calm and confident as she performs the moves.

In behind the scenes shots from the filming of the H&M advert, Beyoncé is seen doing her best to relax in between takes, and even performing a sultry little hula dance as she makes her way down to the beach to start filming.

Donald Schneider, Creative Director for H&M said: ‘It’s incredibly unique to have someone like Beyoncé for a campaign. It doesn’t get bigger than that.

‘Of course, we need to do something that excites her as well as us. We have a fantastic creative team on it that came up with this idea to incorporate the four elements, wind, water, earth and fire to create something visually stunning.

‘When we are planning something like this everything seems to be easy and fun. But when we get here, it’s an incredible amount of work.’

The finished product is a sultry but elegant video, complete with intricate dance routines and outfits to show off Beyoncé’s slender figure.

Schneider adds after seeing the final cut: ‘It’s a magic moment for all of us. When you watch this commercial, you can really feel how much went into it.

‘It’s going to be a firework of visual impressions. I don’t think fashion has ever been shown this way before.’

Are y’all impressed? It is a pretty hot lil commercial.

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